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Topic - Sunday Northern Cairngorms ski touring report

James Edwards - on 30 Apr 2012
I'm having to post a new thread rather than continue the old one as for some reason the computer at work puts a block on the old thread...

Busy day for ski touring from Cairngorm to Macdui on Sunday with a lot of evidence that Saturday had been busy too. Initially the surface of the snow up high was frozen solid making riding over olf refrozen tracks a bit throwy. This softened up during the day as the sun thawed them out.
We went up Cairngorm and over to do all the 4000ers. There was evidence on the other side that someone else had done it in the previous week.
There are two options to ski off macdui. 1. Ski the line of Tailers burn - more shaded, reasonable surface of powder making for good turns, but a shorter run. 2 Ski the face directly from the summit. Depending upon the time of the day this will be frozen at the top for the first couple of hundred metres then great skiing on sun soften snow. A longer run and probably a bit steeper. Ski able snow down to 750m
The top of the slope had avalanched a few days ago and there is a lot of debris in the middle. According to what i saw, the slope was now safer and i was very happy to ski it.
On the other side of the larig gru we took a short cut off the col just north of Braeriach then kept height going passed the pools of dee. This slope was steep but a good ski and seemed 'reasonably' safe. Lots of evidence of wind transported snow going onto this shaded slope but it 'seemed' stable and in the end it was fine.
What wasn't fine was the 'short cut' i took to avoid the trudge out through the Chalamain gap. We booted up to the south of Lurchers to near 1083. This meant that we could ski Lurchers Gully and have a short walk back to the cat but the sun softened snow up to 1083 was purgatory!
To top it all my car battery was flat when we got back and much fun then ensued.
Hope this helps some one
James e
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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