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Topic - Earnt my roadie stripes: Big crash today!

Escher - on 05 May 2012
Had a big stack today, can't believe nothing is broken.

Got hit head on by another cyclist, he was coming downhill at speed on the wrong side of the road on a blind bend on a lane, no warning except him shouting "oh f**k!" We clipped handlebars then, came off and hit full on helmet to helmet before both being dumped on the road, he was a big bloke too! His helmet was completely cracked, mine looks okay but will be replaced. For months I've been riding with it all loose and not properly adjusted, it was only last night that I sorted it out and adjusted it properly so it sat snug on my head. Very opportune! Would have been nasty without one. Thank god I was wearing it.

Can't believe we both came out of it with just cuts and bruises and a bit of concussion, nothing broken, bike fine too (although his was a bit worse for wear). It was quite high speed so it could have been much worse. Feel bit battered now but I think I've now earnt my roadie stripes, especially as I got back on and completed the rest of my ride ;-).
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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