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Bee_1 - on 13 May 2012

I'm off to the lakes next week with my uni group and I'm hoping to teach them some basic emergency rope work (summer ml level). We will be staying at a hut at the southern end of the duddon valley lakes but can be dropped off/picked up wherever in reason along the valley.

Ideally, I would be really grateful for a route suggestion that meant we could start by looking at some of the easy rope work on some rocky ground before heading off on a scrambling day at grade1/easy grade 2, where we may be able to practise some of this.

(I appreciate, scrambling isn't part of the ML, that's not what I am implying, more that. Will be with a group of experienced people, who want to have the skills in emergency use of a rope when they go out with less experienced groups. The scrambling element is purely for our own entertainment )

I've never been to this area of the lakes before, but have the book scrambles I. The lake district (south) so feel free to throw some names at me and I will look them up!

peas65 - on 13 May 2012
In reply to Bee_1:

There is plenty round there, anything on the dow side of the valley is good and there is plenty so you can just make up a route. We tried to go up Harter Fell (Duddon one) via the route in that book but found it very difficult to follow, but it is a nice walk and would be good for rope work practice.

Only downside to the Seathwaite/Dow side is that if i remember rightly it will be very boggy. Just north of the duddon valley turn right at cockley beck and there is a hill called Little Stand, absolutely Brilliant scramble, lots of rock and not too high. I think thats in the scramble book too.

Hope this helps

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.