/ Climbing near Toronto?

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ScottyG - on 14 May 2012
I'm staying near Toronto for a couple months during the summer.
Does anyone have experience climbing in Ontario?
I'm looking for information on indoor walls or local sport/trad crags.

Thanks, SG
climber34neil - on 14 May 2012
In reply to ScottyG: Get yourself to squarmish!!!
valjean - on 14 May 2012
In reply to climber34neil:

lol.... toronto and squamish

im staying in London for a few weeks and i want to do some cultural sight seeing...
then someone tells me to go to Jerusalem for some cool sights....

the UK to israel flight would probably be cheaper too.


yes there are several indoor climbing places in toronto. most of them are west of the downtown core

should be some outdoor climbing possible in the escarpment.
here is a useful link
Alan Rubin - on 14 May 2012
In reply to ScottyG: There are several climbing walls (or gyms) in the Toronto area, the most venerable is Joe Rockheads, though some of the newer ones may be better. As far as outdoor venues, there is plenty of limestone along the Niagara Escarpment, which effectively starts at Niagara Glen (bouldering only--no ropes allowed)southeast of the city and extending over 100 kilometers northwest trough the Bruce Peninsula which juts into Lake Huron. In general the quality of the rock and climbing improve the further one travels along the escarpment--with the best crag being Lion's Head on the Peninsula over 2 hours drive from the metro area--and then a bit of a walk. Close to the city, the most popular--and longest established area, is Rattlesnake Point. It is a bit scruffy, polished, and often over-run by groups, but it is very convenient, there are a number of worthwhile routes, and it is a reasonable place to go and find someone to climb with if you are alone. Nearby are Kelso and some other crags which are more extensive, but more "adventurous" and less popular, though I've heard that there has been considerable recent activity in that area. Totally different climbing is found at Bon Echo an extensive multi-pitch--well 2 or 3-- granitic crag that rises out of a lake several hours west, boat approach is required.It is one of the older established areas in the Province,with very interesting climbing, but may well be out of fashion these days. Making contacts at the gyms should get you up-to-date information and hopefully companions for ventures further afield.
ScottyG - on 16 May 2012
In reply to ScottyG: Thanks for the help Guys, The website seems very use full and I hope to check out Rattlesnake point. However I dont think I will be in Squamish any time soon. Cheers
PD - on 16 May 2012
In reply to ScottyG: Hi mate, I used to live in the Montreal and Ottawa areas, some great climbing over in Quebec, Val David being a great area.

Check out http://www.ontarioclimbing.com/ & http://www.rockclimbing.com/routes/North_America/Canada/Ontario/ for stuff close to Toronto...and http://www.escaladequebec.com/ for Quebec...

Have a great trip, watch out for the mosquitoes and if planning on crankin' on hard stuff, early morning is best as summer temps in southern Ontario and Quebec are regularly mid + 30's
zerog on 17 May 2012
In reply to ScottyG:
Having just moved from there, the closest rock near Taranna is easily an hour drive away. Good luck getting a guide book too, there is reputedly a new one coming out, but that's been the case for the past two years.

Would second Bon Echo as a climbing destination, the Alpine Club of Canada http://www.climbers.org/bon-echo-and-our-cabin runs a boat every weekend.

We got up to Lion's Head and the Peninsula every chance we got. The lines are serious as you have to rap in then climb out.

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