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Lenin on 19 May 2012
Go on whats the best at VS / HVS

"Not sure about the best but a cracking day at severe is to do the Langdale Intergrale.
Start on lower scout with Cubs Crack, up to upper scout for Route 1 (V Diff), up to White Ghyll for Hollin Groove, drop down easy rake after pitch two for Slab route 1. Traverse over to Tarn Crag for Orchid, up to Pavey for Crescent Slabs or Stoats Crack, with a finish on Harrison Stickle for Harristickorner/Spillikin Ridge (V Diff in guide but worth severe). This gives 350m+ of climbing at the grade (choose routes to suit, could be V Diff - HVS) with hardly any descent.

Travel light with one rope and one sack between two and you'll have a cracking day out. If you've got time you can always drop down to Gimmer and do Bracket and slab as well but finishing on Harrison Stickle has always been enough for me."
LakesWinter on 19 May 2012
In reply to sjc:

You could do any routes on Scout as there are not any particularly good VS or HVS routes, then Slip Knot or Do not Direct on White Gill Lower, down the rake and maybe Gordian Knot, though I preferred White Gill Wall myself. On to Pavey and link Arcturus to Golden Slipper. I've not done Waller's crack on Harrison Stickle but it certainly looks interesting...
Chris Craggs - on 19 May 2012
In reply to sjc:

Many years ago on the same theme we did Man of Straw, Haste Not Direct, Cruel Sister, Poker Face, NW Arete and Gimmer String before heading for the ODG. Binky was wearing a pair of Hanwags and never changed his footwear all day!

Lenin on 19 May 2012
In reply to MattG:
> (In reply to sjc)
> interesting...

The danger/sandbag word, the rest sound good though, I shall be thumbing the guide

PontiusPirate on 19 May 2012
In reply to sjc:

I hope you're not doing this tomorrow - me and a mate will be doing something very like this - it would be a shame to have to queue! ;-)

You've now got me thinking - i'll have a look through the guide (as I don't think Langdale, off the top if my head, is good for a consistent VS/HVS enchainment from near the valley floor without a lot of walking - i.e. Raven + Gimmer)


This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.