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feepole - on 19 May 2012
Right. So, we had a mild winter = lots o midgies........ but then we get cold snap in may, as the first batch will have been emerging. Will this be enough to save us from a season of hell?
joan cooper on 19 May 2012
In reply to feepole: no
CraigB - on 19 May 2012
In reply to feepole:

It'll be hell.

It's always hell.

feepole - on 19 May 2012
Never been too bothered by them in past - even when others were being eaten alive. But last year had hellish experience in gleann beag, Ross-shire. Never seen them like that before. speaking to friend who studies old gaelic manuscripts.He pointed out that old documents in highlands never mentioned midgies, nor does the oral tradition (songs and stories). he expressed surprise that anything so prevalent could fail to appear in cultural records. His theory is therefore that they are a fairly recent phenomenon
Fly Fifer - on 19 May 2012
In reply to feepole: Utter nonsense.

The midge live for 24/48 hours and must feed, shag and die within that timeframe. They love warm, humid conditions so don,t camp near water or on the edge of tree lined areas as the damp is their home.

Carry leafs of lemongrass and when they attack roll the leave over exposed skin to release the juice....a wee trick i got from a friend on Skye! If all else fails lemon juice....sticky but they hate the low PH!
Slugain Howff - on 20 May 2012
In reply to feeble:

Midgies last night in Glenbrittle on Skye scored an irritating 5/10.....and it was only 6 deg....
Fly Fifer - on 20 May 2012
In reply to Slugain Howff:

That does not bode well for the summer. I have made a sharp exit to the Dunollie wi the blue rinse brigade cos of those wee bams. Some of the best low grade climbs in the world for a punter like me too. I lack the talent to compete wi the midge.
Kevin Woods - on 20 May 2012
In reply to feepole: Hmm none in Cannich last night, seemed too damn cold but not according to SH :D Interesting also there aren't references to them in old sources - I always wondered how people lived in places like Knoydart before modern housing... maybe it was all the smoke.
hexcentric - on 20 May 2012
In reply to Kevin Woods:

Maybe people were just tougher back then? not so bothered by a few wee flies buzzing around.
joan cooper on 20 May 2012
In reply to feepole: And before anybody asks what the best deterrant is.......SMIDGE can be bought on Skye and a lot of highland garages and shops doesnt rot clothes or equipment works wonders.
feepole - on 20 May 2012
Cheers for the tip Joan, will try smidge. Used to swear by boots on brand - but am not sure anything would have dealt with the gleann beag midgies..... honestly, the seems of my fly sheet were coated with a thick, tary coating of black sludge made up of millions of dead midgies when I finally gave up and fled the glen through the dark at 1am (a mistimed gale forecast had sent me camping in the low ground on the stillest of nights). I'm thinking peat smoke around settlements would have kept them at bay to a certain extent..... but maybe just the milder wetter weather is making them an increasing problem.
d conacher - on 20 May 2012
In reply to feepole:I heard they used keep bats in the atticspace dont know if thats true,the other thing is most didnt really wash,but your right theres very little talk of them in history books.
joan cooper on 20 May 2012
In reply to feepole: I live on Skye and know our local midges, but the worst I have ever encountered were in Kielder forest!!!!! On Skye look for a breeze, or very hot place They love damp, dull and trees, .We live half way up a hill and have a SE breeze a lot of the time, keeps the b....rs away.
CurlyStevo - on 21 May 2012
In reply to feepole:
the best chance you have is either wind or a long dry summer. I remember a year about 7 years ago when it was warm and dry for an extended period. The midges hated it and most of west coast scotland had very low midge numbers, it took a year or two after that for them to recover to there normal levels too!
Trangia - on 21 May 2012
In reply to feepole:

The only answer is to migrate and follow the caribou herds north....
Cuthbert on 21 May 2012
In reply to feepole:

Get a midge net, there is no other effective defence. Whilst Skye midges are bad they are nothing compared to Lochaber midges on a damp summer evening.

JohnnyW - on 21 May 2012
In reply to feepole:

Only stopped for minutes taking piccies at the weekend, on a mad motorbike blast around Beinn Eighe, Torridon, Loch Carron and Kintail - I am itching from the little blighters tucking into my ears!!

Welcome to the West Coast the whispered as they munched.... ;o)
Baron Weasel - on 21 May 2012
In reply to feepole: Forcast information available here:

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