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tebs on 24 May 2012
Went for a run in Cheedale the other day. I'm sure people either know or will guess this already but the wet spell is still taking it's toll.

Plum buttress looked pretty dry, but I wasn't that close to it. Two tier had a few big wet streaks but looked like you'd find some dry climbing (from the other side of the river). The buttress on the opposite bank looked ok (people climbing on it). Max buttress had a few small seepage patches but ok. Cornice was completely f**ked: literally dripping for its whole length. Drier towards the Millers Dale end but still loads of seepage. Chee Tor looked damp. More vegetation than I remember around Hergiani/Two sunspots area too.

Hope this dry spell continues...
mark20 - on 24 May 2012
In reply to Bart Shaw:
Thanks for the update. With the sunny weather set to continue into next week hopefully Two Tier and Chee Tor at least will dry right off again.
I'll have finished exams in June so if you want a belay one evening I'll most probably be at a crag somewhere...
robert mirfin - on 25 May 2012
In reply to Bart Shaw: Thanks for the useful info was thinking of heading there at the weekend but may have to change plans.
belay bunny turned bad - on 25 May 2012
In reply to robert mirfin:
We climbed at embankment and max wall on wednesday eve and both are dry. Two-tier is looking pretty good and with the last few days of sun will probably be dry.
Got to go somewhere as its too hot on the grit!!!
In reply to robert mirfin:

Why Me/Orange Sunshine/Daylight Robbery/Celebration/Aberration/Spazz Energy all dry on Tuesday night.

But it will be so hot, I'd avoid it!
tom290483 - on 25 May 2012
In reply to Bart Shaw:

went to climb at embankment yesterday. completely dry but felt a million degrees in the sun and rock was quite greasy.

crossed over to two tier where there was obvious seepage but large proportion of routes were ok. quality control had a damp patch in the middle but avoidable. why me was totally dry apart from a couple of smeggy pockets.

really the main problem we found at two tier was just heat mixing with the moisture that still seemed to be lingering around. a couple of occasions finger popped off pinches due to grease.

plenty to climb though but the harder stuff is probably best left for a while.
alasdair19 on 26 May 2012
In reply to tom290483: I was at CHee tor yesterDAY, it was good and shaded in the morning. vegetation was annoying. shake was partcicularly filthy. there were 4 teams there so plenty getting done no significant seepage.
Dan Lane - on 26 May 2012
In reply to Bart Shaw:

good to hear that Chee Tor is finally drying out again...I think I'll let it cool down a little first though!

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