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Topic - Climbing friends and not.

Chay - on 19 Jun 2012

Just a quick discussion on something I've found that should maybe factored in to peoples climbing.

For most of my climbing, bar the last couple of years I've always had very regular parters, not only that but good friends. Due to this I found it easy to be motivated, we pushed eachother to improve and not only enjoyed the climbing but being in eachothers company. We (in all cases) both progressed quickly and safely within climbing whilst enjoying and wanting to get out all the time.

During the last couple of years, these people have sinced moved away, work etc and we maybe climb together once or twice a year. So I've been climbing with many (LOTS) of different climbing partners and have found that my climbing is almost back to when I first started S/HS at best. I know these people are safe yet never push myself or eachother and the company is never entirely comfortable due to not really knowing eachother that well. I find it difficult to be motivated and frankly, don't enjoy climbing anything like I did because it factors out all the pro's that I mentioned in the first paragraph.

My question being; Is it just a problem with my personnal motivation or do people find this a common problem? How did you overcome it and remain motivated and push yourself on a personnal level without the help of a partner?

Thanks, sorry it's long winded!

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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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