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stewart g - on 25 Jun 2012
Does anyone know whats been getting done in the alps so for this year? i gather theres lots of snow around, are approaches in walkable condition or is it ski's only?
bigbobbyking - on 25 Jun 2012
In reply to stewart g:

The OHM has an online route book now so you can see what's being done. http://www.ohm-chamonix.com/info-montagne-cahier-de-courses-211000000.html

Google translate will help you with the French...

I was up on the Tour glaicer this weekend. It's still well covered, and there are some snow patches on the approach to the Albert 1er, but there's no need for skis. Some mates skiied Mnt Blanc yesterday, and said most people were doing it on foot...
JohnnyW - on 25 Jun 2012
In reply to stewart g:

Yes, there's a little more than 'normal' (based on my experience anyway) at this time of year. There was a sign at the Flegere warning 'randonneurs' of deep snow at the Index , and there is indeed a fair bit on the Aiguille Rouges, so acclimatisation like the N ridge of the Buet is a full-on affair rather than a walk/scramble.
We also did easy stuff from the Torino (no cable car to Helbronner from Entreves, its stops at the Torino), and there was a lot of snow, with no crevasses visible until well down on the VB. Worth mentioning the telepherique is U/S for a couple of weeks too for maintenance.
Gran Paradiso had snow all the way to the moraine above the hut.
Can't help with harder routes I'm afraid, as I was with novices all week.
Kris on 27 Jun 2012
In reply to stewart g:
Few local guys just skied the West Face of Mt B so there is a fair bit of snow still around!

Walking in the morning is easier, but in the afternoon it is slushy. What kind of routes did you have in mind? Most popular routes have plenty of traffic so you won't be braking trail.
ben@f-stopimages - on 29 Jun 2012
In reply to JohnnyW: We're heading out tomorrow for a couple of weeks. we're planning the Dent du Gentand the Verte via the Whymper couloir...

Any idea on conditions? Forecast seems pretty unsettled with thunderstorms etc
JohnnyW - on 29 Jun 2012
In reply to beneboy:

Just had a text from my pals out there, and it is very hot in the valleys, with afternoon storms. Not nice really, if kind of typical....
maria85 - on 30 Jun 2012
In reply to stewart g:
Was around 30 degrees in town today... we sat around eating ice cream and watching guys set off for the vertical kilometre of the Mt Blanc Marathon... ouch.
Was on the Tour glacier/Aguille Chardonnet on Wed/Thurs, snow slushy, no overnight freeze on glacier - totally manageable on foot, although did see at least one person up there on skis! Lots of snow still around high up, also in the Aguilles Rouges as others have said. Some rock up there still needs spikeys for approach/descent.

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