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tenbob on 03 Jul 2012
Any advice on good areas for peaks you can do in a day without using huts. Looking for routes of PD and AD.
Trangia - on 03 Jul 2012
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You might be pushed to do many in a day. They may lack the altitude of the Western peaks but the initial grind up from the valley is generally just as demanding in terms of time. Generally ascents from the huts to the summits are shorter though meaning you are frequently back to the hut by mid day.
simongwyn - on 03 Jul 2012
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Kaisergebirge maybe. Peaks like Ellmaeur Halt and others could be done from the valley, staying in Soll etc. Only if you had to, mind, as Austrian huts are generally superb.
Alfrede - on 04 Jul 2012
In reply to tenbob: Ignore the previous innacurate comments. There are innumerable peaks you can do in a day from the valley if you use lifts or high roads. Many do the Otztal Wildspitze for example in this way and that is the second highest peak in the country. Have a look at the possibilities from the Dresdner hut in the Stubai as another example. I did the Schauffelspitz at over 3300m in an easy day from the valley using this lift. (However if you do go straight up peaks well above 3000m without sleeping high you will find yourself struggling a bit with the altitude.) Without lifts you can do some very high peaks in the Kaunertal or in the Silvretta from the high level roads. Last year I did the Weisseespitz which is 3518m at the head of the Kaunertal in a day from the head of the road at the Gepatsch glacier. I am sure there are many other examples in parts of Austria I know less well but you would certainly get things to do in the Stubai, Otztal and Silvretta massifs.
tenbob on 10 Jul 2012
In reply to alfredito: Thanks for the info. Any recommendations on guidebooks - my German is very basic, are there any in english?
Alfrede - on 11 Jul 2012
In reply to tenbob: There should be plenty of information available in English in the various Cicerone press guides to the Alps though they tend to be for walkers and scramblers rather than climbers. Google Cicerone and choose an area you fancy and there will certainly be routes and peaks you can do. I am working in the Samnaun this summer for Ramblers and there are dozens of peaks of around or over 3000m available in days from the valley both in the Samnaun and in the nearby Otztal, Lech, Verwall groups. There is masses to go for in the Stubai area as well. There are very few ranges if any in Austria where lifts and high roads do not provide convenient access.
Kush on 11 Jul 2012
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Try the Hochkonig area, less than one hours drive from Salzburg, stay in 'Dienten am Hochkonig' or Hinterthal.
csaba - on 28 Jul 2012
In reply to tenbob: There is a paperback book (in English) by Dieter Siebert (ISBN: 0906371546) called Eastern Alps: The Classic Routes: The Classic Routes on the Highest Peaks.

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