/ cube axial wins (vs specialized dulce vs ribble sportive 7005)

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goosebump - on 06 Jul 2012
For those interested, some closure!

Ive just put a deposit down on a Cube WLS


which fits well, feels good, looks lush and all for 810 from the local bike shop (with 105 groupset too). Well, 810 plus 90 off gear, which has been spent on a helmet and pumps x 2.

I am really excited Thanks to all who provided input and put up with my ignoramus questions. Now if the monsoon would only stop for a little while over the weekend, that would be great.
kevin stephens - on 06 Jul 2012
In reply to goosebump: looks like a brilliant deal! Well done and enjoy!
stonemaster - on 06 Jul 2012
In reply to goosebump: Looks fantastic! Good luck.
goosebump - on 08 Jul 2012
In reply to stonemaster:
Thanks both - been out for a couple of ten mile-ish rides now and its just lovely. Downhill is joyous. Uphill is, erm, hard - out of the saddle feels all weird/I cant do it! << says very quietly>> already glad of the triple. shhhh.
Aberdeen Rambler - on 11 Jul 2012
In reply to goosebump: I am just adding to the Ribble Fan Club. I bought a Ribble CF Sportive 3 years ago as my old bike was beyond repair. The idea was occasional weekend rides, but I have got hooked as the bike is so good to ride and started dabbling in racing. Ribbles service has been excellent - and I live in Aberdeen so I can not go around to complain.

The Ribble effewct is now established and my partner bought a Bianco in March nad has done half a dozen sportives already!

It is worth thinking what you might want from the bike - If you just might do one or two Sportives then a Dolce might not help you on this path. I would recommend a Sportive bike as a great alround compromise.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.