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kingjam - on 11 Jul 2012

Moving from standard pedals to clips ons have been recommended shimano as30 and SP Tahoe leathers. Its for commuting , want more power but also some comfort and confidence , any views ?

a lakeland climber on 11 Jul 2012
In reply to kingjam:

Had me confused there - as30 are Shimano wheels, A530 are the pedals.

Assuming you mean those, then yes they should be fine.

What are SP Tahoe leathers? I'm assuming they are shoes. With footwear it's always best to try them on, just head down to your LBS and try a few different pairs on, just make sure they are compatible with the pedals.

climbingpixie on 11 Jul 2012
In reply to kingjam:

I have Shimano M540s and MTB shoes on my road bike. The SPDs are easy to get in and out of and wearing MTB shoes means that I don't sound like a tap-dancer when I'm walking across the car park.

I do keep wondering about getting proper road pedals (I was advised to buy SPDs initially to get used to them as they're easier to clip in and out of) but I haven't yet decided if it's worth spending the money as my shoe/pedal combo seems fairly comfortable.
Bimbler - on 11 Jul 2012
In reply to kingjam:

Do you mean Specialized Tahoe shoes? If so, I've got a pair and they are fine. I find the laces keep coming undone though and would next time get a pair with a velcro fastening over the top (as well as laces). If buying online I found them to come up a little large so may be worth ordering 1 euro size down eg. If you are a 'small' 46 get a 45..

MTB spd's and shoes are well worth it for cummuting due to the extra feet down and walking moments.
JLS on 11 Jul 2012
In reply to kingjam:


For commuting you are better with nylon mesh shoes with as little padding / solid panels as possible. This type of shoe will dry out quicker.

Neoprene over boots are good in the cold/wet.
stouffer on 11 Jul 2012
In reply to kingjam: I've got a pair of Tahoes they've lasted for years. They can get a bit waterlogged in heavy rain but nothing shoe covers (or an hour on the radiator) can't sort.

If you're trying clipless for the first time why not go for a double sided pedal then you don't have to worry about which side is facing up. You can pick up Shimano M520 for pennies. Adjust the tension so you can get your feet out easy enough and after a bit of practice you shouldn't really have to worry about confidence on the road. I only worry when I'm about to fall sideways into a rock garden on the MTB.

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