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Doughnut on 16 Jul 2012

I'm looking to purchase some new boots that I can use for general scrambling, some winter walking/scrambling as well as some summer alpinism. After trying on many a boot I've narrowed my choices down to three, but I'm having trouble deciding and was wondering what people's experiences with these particular boots were:

La Sportiva Trango S Evo: Felt great, nice and light and good fit. Just slightly concerned about stiffness (as many people have said, more like a B1-1.5), warmth in the winder, as well as durability.

Asolo Alpinist: Again a very good fit, not quite as comfy as the Evos, but then they are a stiffer and heavier boot.

La Sportiva Trango Extreme Evo Light: Heavier duty version of the S, more expensive than the other two (not a particular problem).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
highclimber - on 16 Jul 2012
In reply to Doughnut: all of them are good boots so go for the ones your found most comfortable though if pushed, i'd be edging towards the trango extremes as they are considerably stiffer than the S evos and warmer too.
mattc - on 17 Jul 2012
In reply to Doughnut: The asolo boots are the worst fit on my feet I have ever tried but was inexperienced an ended up buying them. I had them for a few months and they killed my feet every outing just got some trangos Evo s, but also have Nepals for winter. La sportiva fit me 100% better. I'm told by a mountian guide that trangos won't be warm enough for things like the Matterhorn and mt blanc but smaller peaks should be ok weather depending.
MJH - on 17 Jul 2012
In reply to Doughnut: I've got a pair of Trango S Evo and they are very comfy, but I'm not entirely sure I would be happy sticking C2 crampons on them.

The Trango Extremes were very comfortable as well but they are a B3 aren't they?
zebidee - on 17 Jul 2012
In reply to Doughnut:

One thing against the Asolo Alpinist is the amount of stitching on them and the materials. Depending on the type of walking / climbing you're intending on doing you might end up with cold feet if you're standing around belaying a lot.

Doughnut on 17 Jul 2012
Thanks for all your responses, they have given me some food for thought!

I'm definitely leaning towards one of the La Sportiva boots, the fit is definitely the best so seems the sensible choice. I guess it's whether I go for the trango S, knowing that at some point I'll probably need to invest in something a little more heavy duty when I start to do more! Or dive straight for the extremes and take a bit of a hit on overall flexibility/comfort. I'm just wondering if it's slight overkill for the time being. Hmmmm.
MJH - on 17 Jul 2012
In reply to Doughnut: For winter walking and scrambling the Trango S will be perfect (that was why I bought mine). For some summer alpinism they might be OK particularly if it is lower down, easier routes or rock rather than snow/ice. For higher (ie colder) or harder stuff (that needs more technical crampons) I think I would want the Extremes (I have Nepals for that).
D.Andrew - on 17 Jul 2012
In reply to Doughnut: I'm on my second pair of Trango S's. They've been fine numerous times above 4000m (summer). I wouldn't stick anythng more technical then G12's on them.
Doughnut on 17 Jul 2012
Thanks for all the advice guys, I opted for the Trango S in the end!

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