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roughneck - on 10 Aug 2012
Thinking of making a climbing wall for my girls, but I'd like to use it too. is there any plans or books on how too. its going to live in the garden where they have a wood chip area!
David Coley - on 10 Aug 2012
In reply to roughneck: see my profile picture. If that's what you were thinking of, I'll give you the details
J.Atkins - on 10 Aug 2012
In reply to roughneck: A quick google search will give you some ideas, i used http://www.customholds.com/index.htm for ideas, they have how too's and customer wall feedback, their holds are also the best value i could find.
I'm guessing you're thinking of a free-standing wall? they're a bit trickier, you want to make sure you brace it correctly. Good luck though, i had a lot of fun making mine
In reply to roughneck: not checked t-nuts but Beacon Climbing is slightly cheaper than customholds for countersunk M10 70mm bolts but custom holds are cheaper on 50mm (assumption is customholds are zinc plated. If they are stainless then customholds wins hands down).

Have ordered from both and customer service is excellent.

If considering painting. Beacon climbing sell stuff but is expensive. As is bendcrete. DIY option is to add builders sand to paint (actually add paint to sand to get right texture).

Sandex textured paint and DIY store options tend to be between 15 to 30.

Anti-slip paints are another option (which I'm going to try) and I'm using a company that has an 'eco' paint with 108 diff colours (if crap then I will add sand). They are called Ecos Organic Paints. Delivery is via Yodel (sometimes have issue with them) but excellent customer service and delivery was very quick (2 days)

In reply to roughneck: David's is a brilliant wall - well worth speaking to him. Also http://www.ukclimbing.com/forums/profile.php?id=138666 for more inspiration.



Might be something similar to what you might intend unless it is a free standing vertical wall.
In reply to roughneck: My friend (occasionally posts on here) also built an outdoor wall (for climbing and dry tooling). Looked like a pergola that he filled in. with walls so you could think out of the box on some zen type option!

roughneck - on 12 Aug 2012
Thanks guys
Steve Broadbent - on 23 Aug 2012
Good plan. I recently extended my basic flat-panel wall to include a short overlap, vertical side-walls and volume-pillar-thing. This means that I can have fun on the overhang, and my son can play on the vertical sidewalls.
There's plenty of inspiration around on the web, but I've not seen a book on how to do it. Our self-standing wall was self designed, and you can get everything you need in a trip to B&Q (ok, so maybe not the holds).
Here's a vid... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gl7e3bZCcMQ

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