/ Easy climbs in Harris/Lewis?

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another_mark on 11 Aug 2012
We're off to Harris as a family.

Are there any locations with nice easy stuff that are easy to access? Wife is terrified of heights and kids would like to do easy/non-threatening vdiffs.

Sea Cliffs are out.

Al Evans on 11 Aug 2012
In reply to another_mark: In the Uig Hills there is a crag called Creag Duhb Dibadale, The North Buttress of this is a 120mt two star V Diff. I haven't done it so I can't confirm, but such routes obviously exist!
Mark Bull - on 13 Aug 2012
In reply to Al Evans:

> Creag Dubh Dibadale

Probably fails the easy access and family-friendly requirements by some margin!

This place might be useful: described as bouldering but should be an OK place to set up a top rope for the kids: http://scottishclimbs.com/wiki/Aird_Mhighe

This crag is also nearby and might be worth checking out: http://www.ukclimbing.com/logbook/crag.php?id=12367

isi_o - on 13 Aug 2012
In reply to another_mark:
a couple of places for you...
Just outside Stornoway there is a wee crag which is used with groups and has stakes at the top suitable for rigging top ropes/ abseils on. Check them as they are in sandy soil and need to get moved every so often I believe. It's a typical group cragging venue, just a couple of lines, about 10m high, no named routes but climbs at about Diff-Severe or so depending on where you rig a rope. It's near to the power station at Arnish.
Also, if you go to Mangersta there is a non-tidal shelf on the left hand side from the wee bothy as you look out towards the sea. It is technically a sea cliff, but it doesn't feel like one. There is a scramble down which isn't too hard, but you might want to lower or abseil kids down it depending on how capable they are. There are a few routes here from Diff - Severe or so, they are shown in the Latter guide but not named in there. Pretty good climbing, routes about 15m or so long, good belays at the top and the shelf is big enough that kids can wander about fine. Maybe tennis court size or so, from memory.
Hope that helps and you manage to get out to play - it's an awesome place!

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.