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Topic - tough mountain tents- quasar vs crux bomb

eschaton - on 13 Aug 2012
I am going to buy a mountain tent for all year round use in the UK and alpine trips, something along the lines of the terra nova quasar or the crux bomb, i.e. geodesic design, very sturdy and I would like opinions from people who have used either or both of these or could recommend an alternative.

Ideally it will be fairly fast to pitch and if not outer pitching first (or all in one) then the inner should be able to withstand a bit of bad weather until the outer goes on.

I like the look of the crux bomb as it seems a very low and stable design, and the weight is really low (3.35kg max) however I wonder if the 7000m groundsheet would be able to handle being pitched on boggy ground or snow without any seepage coming through. However this seems to be not very well known and finding user reviews even on here is tough so any first hand opinions would be valued.

The Terra Nova Quasar seems to be the choice for many people who all give it a bit of abuse, however there are so many variations (ultra quasar, super quasar, quasar, all with the subsequent heavy duty variations - argh!) that it all gets a bit confusing as to which one would be best suited for me.
Something that people have mentioned with the Quasars is the trick of cooking in the main porch without letting in the elements or producing masses of condensation, surely this could be combated with a little common sense and proper ventilation?

Other tents that have caught my eye are the MSR Fury and the Macpac Plateau. I am wary of MSR tents as having used them in the past I found they almost always couldnt handle heavy rain due to low HH levels, whereas Macpac tents seem to have a reputation for being completely impermeable - especially the groundsheets but does this affect the weight too much? (4.2 kg for the Plateau, split between two people isnt so bad.)

Any help appreciated, cheers guys.
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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