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samwillo - on 14 Aug 2012
Has anyone got any recommendations for a locations to go where its possible to combine good walking in the mountains (non-technical, no snow, for the psyched hill walking parents) with either good sport cragging/multipitching (no trad/alpine) in the south of France? (For the psyched kids).

The place that springs to mind for me is Ailefroide but we've already been 2 years ago and are looking for a fresh destination. Any ideas?
john arran - on 14 Aug 2012
In reply to samwillo:

With those criteria you'd be hard pressed to beat the Ariège. I may be slightly biased ;-) but there are many access points around here which allow you to start your walk from 1500-2000m and take in either pointy or rounded summits or plateaus usually between 2000 and 3000m with sensational views, and as a contrast there are many lower-level and valley walks through forests with ancient chapels and relics en route. Cragging is simply fantastic, with literally dozens of great crags and sectors within 15 minutes drive, on 3 rock types and many of them multi-pitch. Plenty of online topos at http://cafma.free.fr/plan.htm - let me know if I can help with more specific recommendations.
jtpj777 - on 18 Aug 2012
In reply to samwillo:

Have you considered the Mercantour, at the back of Nice? Excellent walking, up to 3000m; no glaciers, reasonably quiet(not like Chamonix or even Ailefroide, and some attractive little villages. There are also a few ski resorts that would provide entertainment for youngsters.

I had a few days this summer at a nice little campsite at St Etienne de Tinee: 9 euros per night, only tents, and free access to adjoining (man-made) pool for swimming and kayaking.It is a pretty village itself and is also linked to the ski resort, Auron(that has an artificial outdoor climbing tower in the summer).

There is also sport cragging around but don't know too much about that.

Certainly an area to consider.
sheeny - on 18 Aug 2012
In reply to samwillo: anothervote for the mercantour,base around st martin versubie
Tony & Sarah - on 18 Aug 2012
In reply to samwillo: Ariege would be perfect also has brilliant cycling road & mountain
altirando - on 19 Aug 2012
In reply to samwillo: The Valley de la Claree behind Briancon - one of the prettiest in the alps - has perfect walking. Must be a lot of sport climbing round Briancon?

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