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Topic - Cycle Bells

Trangia - on 16 Aug 2012
There's been a lot about vehicle drivers having a "down" on cyclists. How about cyclist's attitude towards pedestrians? I was walking with group of about a dozen out on Rye Harbour bird sanctuary on Sunday. The area is banned to motorists, but there is a tarmac track going across it which is used by walkers. There are "no cycling" signs, but no one takes any notice and they are not enforced. I have no problem with poeople cycling there so long as they respect walkers - I've cycled it myself.

The problem was that time and time again cyclists would approach us from behind either with no bells, or just simple ones giving a solitary ping which is difficult to hear. This was compounded by a strong wind making hearing difficult. You can't be constantly looking over your shoulder, and it gives you a fright when out of the blue a cyclist tries to squeeze past without warning.

Most were not agressive, but one or two gave us verbal abuse.

Why isn't it compulsory for bikes to be fitted with good old fashioned "ding aling" bells which give a good polite and audible warning of their approach, and would save everyone a lot of hassel and at times unpleasantless?

I would add that I've got such a bell on my bike and it's generally well received by walkers, and is a lot better than the single ding. It's also better than shouting which tends to make people jump.
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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