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Rick Graham on 28 Sep 2012
Any updates on the stability of the upper section of Overhanging Bastion?

Apparently tell tales have been installed, has any movement been detected?

According to the UKC logbooks, OB and other routes have been climbed regularly this summer. No horror stories, or maybe a case of "ignorance is bliss".
In reply to Rick Graham:

Hi Rick, A tell-tale has been installed. Photos taken over time appear to show very slight movement - in both directions! I wrote to United Utilities some time ago suggesting that due to the presence of houses below the crag, not to mention the road, they should consider commissioning a professional survey. I got a phone call thanking me for my letter but have heard nothing since.

The major danger to climbers would seem to be from flakes and stones that have been loosened by the movement. Thus as long as one is cautious of this I guess the advice should be proceed at your own risk. However, I think underneath North Buttress would be a silly place to dump your gear/hang about while people were climbing above you - then again, maybe it always was.

As regards the crack at the back of the block, it has always been there, at least as long as I have been climbing at Castle Rock - it has just got wider. The whole block could topple while you were climbing on it, but it might always have done that I suppose. One day no doubt it will fall, but to my amateur mind it seems more likely to do this as a result of an earthquake (which is what I believe caused the slip in the first place) than due to the extra weight caused by a couple of climbers.
Rick Graham on 28 Sep 2012
In reply to Stephen Reid:

Hi Steve

Thanks for the update

regards Rick
Dave Cumberland - on 29 Sep 2012
In reply to Rick Graham:
> Any updates on the stability of the upper section of Overhanging Bastion?

Dear All,
I looked at the strain gauge and the crack today. There has been the most significant movement I have seen in repeated visits. Did not have a camera but will go and get some pics and compare with earlier readings and report back to Steve.
Things are on the move anyway, at least more than before, possibly due to all the rain we have had.

crow-media on 04 Oct 2012 - whois?
In reply to Rick Graham:

A short piece just out on the Guardian's Northerner blog about the situation. Thanks to Stephen Reid for additional info


In reply to crow-media: Nice one John. It'll be a real shame when it goes and the classics are reduced to rubble and fond memories.
VS4b - on 04 Oct 2012
In reply to Dan Bailey - UKHillwalking.com:

But think of all the new routes than can be put up instead...

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