/ How often to you give yourself a week off?

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TheHorroffice - on 06 Oct 2012
If your training consistently, say 2/3/4 times a week how often do you/ should you properly rest up? I read somewhere a week off every month but that seems a bit slack. I know people who train every day for years on end, so whats the consensus out there?

Please don't say 'listen to your body' because it lies all the time and wouldn't let me get out of bed if I did.
galpinos on 06 Oct 2012
In reply to TheHorroffice:

Generally, when life gets in the way of climbing and I have an enforced week off.
henwardian - on 06 Oct 2012
In reply to TheHorroffice: I think the answer probably depends on a few things, including:
1) How hard do you train during your "on" weeks?
2) How old are you?
3) What are you training for? (I'd imagine the intense strains of constant bouldering would need a week off more often than mega-endurance training for climbing 1000m long easy big walls).
4) Which training pro you want to take advice from. As you pointed out, there are people at every point on the time off scale. And there are pro climbers who take lots of different points on this scale too.

If you want a personal recommendation (which will not come from me cos I don't know enough about it!), I'd include as much information as you have on the above points and also include how often you get injured, what causes injuries for you and whether you have any currently.
TheHorroffice - on 06 Oct 2012
In reply to henwardian:
Ey up, I was not really after info for myself, just interested in how others approach it. I'm 27 though, boulder for a few hours 3 times a week and try to do some training in between. I haven't kept a diary for ages though so not really sure when my last full week off was. Probably last Christmas so one is well over due!
AJM - on 06 Oct 2012
In reply to TheHorroffice:

I sometimes have a few days to a week off immediately after a trip or after a big redpoint (maybe a week after the former, a couple of days off after the latter) to allow me to take stock, blow the diet control and that sort of thing. Sometimes I don't bother though. So probably 3-4 times a year or something, plus maybe one more when I just decide I can't be arsed for a few days.

I know some people do a 3-weeks-hard-1-week-easier structure, but taking a full rest week each month would feel kind of overkill to me.
Ciro - on 06 Oct 2012
In reply to TheHorroffice:

I'll usually take between three to five days off after a big climbing trip, and the last couple of years I've taken four weeks off at the end of the summer climbing season, and found that to refresh me both physically (after the initial weakness is gone) and mentally before launching into an autumn of plastic pulling.

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