/ "Quantums"... Yay or nay ?

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HazelNut - on 09 Oct 2012
Looking for a new pair of rock boots. My old scarpas are now completely polished and i'm sliding off pretty much everything that I try. I'm thinking of the Five Ten "quantums" as I do a fair bit of bouldering and so looking for a boot that is a bit aggressive however a boot for the odd trad route would be great too ! Thoughts ?
remus - on 09 Oct 2012
In reply to HazelNut: I like them. They feel like a slightly more aggressive and more responsive anasnazi, though the fit is a different. Overall Id say try them on and see how they fit, theyre a bit of an unusual shape but if they do fit theyre a good shoe.
climber34neil - on 10 Oct 2012
In reply to HazelNut: I have a pair and untill they wore out used them for everything from trad to bouldering and they worked well for all , they were my comfy do everything boots as they are down turned but not as aggressively so as others, I found them really comfy with great rubber and you could never refuse a pair of purple boots!! I found the fit to be different from the old pinks so not convinced that they are an updates version of those but more like a new shoe in their own right , go get some ( they last well to)
Styx - on 10 Oct 2012
You should also check out the Anasazi Arrowheads, they're a slightly downturned and very precise take on the classic Anasazi last. They're awesome for steeps.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.