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ed woods - on 10 Oct 2012
Just made a similar post on snowheads, but thought it would be a good thread with a different crowd on here, more ideas the better...

I'd be really keen to hear anyone's personal tips/suggestions for "best pistes in the Alps"... I'm thinking along the lines of a personal 'hitlist' of resorts to visit - would be great to share/get other's ideas

Broad topic I know, what makes 'best' etc - so why not add a 'why'? Maybe best by colour would be good too, but that's a different thread.

So how about a top 5 personal favs along with a quick why...?

Mine might be, in no order:

1. Folyeres, La Tania - definitive best blue in the Alps! Fast, nice length and a good burger at the bottom!

2. Point de Vue all the way to Argentiere, Grand Montets - 2000m from glacier (stunning views) down to forest - if you can do it in a one-er/no stops, respect!!

3. The red under the Schonleitenbahn, Saalbach - always quiet 'cos you only ever take it by mistake when you're trying to get to Saalbach village, but always fun once you pass that point of no return!

4. The red down to Villaroger from the Aiguille Rouge, Les Arcs - a really sweet part of the classic long descent.

5. The red from the top of Aberg-Langeck down to Hintermoos, Hochkonig hard to choose from any of the longer reds in this area, descent to Dienten especially, theyre all good.

Bit of France/Austria bias there - but that's what comes to mind for runs I've enjoyed!
chrisfecher on 10 Oct 2012 - cpc3-lich10-2-0-cust121.3-2.cable.virginmedia.com
In reply to ed woods:
Hi Ed,

1, Pierre a Ric, Grands Montets - Chamonix (in the morning when groomed, just straight line it)
2, Bochard - Grands Montets - Chamonix (when its quiet in low season)
3, The Streif - Kitzbuhle - Austria (First thing in the morning, gets super icy)
4, The Saslong - Val Gardena - Italy (you can ski the whole down-hill race piste, its amazing)
5, Le Face - Val de doda - Its pretty steep for a piste!

Here's my five piste's.

Might need to make the list a lil longer for off-piste fav's
Guy - on 10 Oct 2012
In reply to ed woods:

Yep can't fault the descent from the top bin of the Grands Montets to Argentiere, has to be top 5.

Hard to call it a piste but Spankys Ladder at Blackcombe gives access to awesome descents.

Orange piste down to la Daille in the right conditions is brilliant for lapping the funicular.

The descent from the Madloch Joch to Zug is really nice.

Hemlock Bowl at Mammoth is great but again isn't exactly a piste.
Steph-in-the-West on 10 Oct 2012 - host-2-102-121-45.as13285.net
In reply to ed woods:

1. Plan Fontaine from Bouc Blanc Restaurant down to La Tania. Green run through the forest. Had a brilliant spontaneous non stop race with my brother and sister-in-law after lunch stop.....

2. Monte Rosa down to Val Tournenche - Cervinia - 25km nice Red (with only one small rope drag)

3. The Blue runs in Courcheval - wide flattering "Motorways"

4. OK and Orange down into La Daille - I just like them!!!

5. Top of Grande Motte down into Tignes Val Claret - lovely long run and great views
Guy - on 10 Oct 2012
In reply to ed woods: Ooops just seen Alps! Scratch the ones from across the pond then and add in

Vallon de la Sache - Tignes

Vallee Perdue - an adventure rather than a piste but great fun

johnny1 - on 10 Oct 2012
In reply to ed woods:

without doubt my most memorable piste runs were the two red runs under the Aiquilette chair above Chantemerle, Serre Chevalier - two beautiful tree lined pistes, with a foot of fresh snow and knowing as we put 1st tracks down 1 piste we were going to do just the same down the other as basically you can not get to it any other way than down the piste we were on.
Rob Exile Ward on 10 Oct 2012
In reply to ed woods: Problem with Alpine pistes is that they are a bit like sports climbs - great while you're doing them, bit difficult to recall the names later....

For me, the Sarenne in Alp D'Huez is pretty memorable - supposedly the longest black in the Alps, but it was my daughter's first black when she was about 8 so can't be too fiercesome. I love the blacks in Val Thorens , especially the Slalom - it IS steep, especially in fog! - and the Cascades.
JJL - on 10 Oct 2012
In reply to Rob Exile Ward:

> For me, the Sarenne in Alp D'Huez is pretty memorable

Oh yes. The weather was poor, but we'd had such a nice time on it the day before that we'd *promised* the kids we'd do it again. The big cablecar was closed, but we waited and it opened... by this tme only about 30 people were queuing. Up we went and my daughter had a glove problem at the top so we were a few minutes behind the other 26. Oh, and they'd closed the lift again. A sweeper guide came past and asked if we knew the way. Perhaps foolishly we said yes - at this stage we could see a couple of piste markers ahead. He disappeared into the thickening mist. The four of us set off - competent skiiers but by now there was no way to see the bumps on the steep section. We grouped at a piste marker and visibility was now about 3m in whirling snow; it was near dark despite being mid morning. A discussion opened about whether the piste lay down the rather steep fall line or off to the right. The texture told us nothing, so we devised a plan to spread - remaining in sight of the next person - to try to find the next marker. The "chain" broke of course and now daughter and father are yelling for son and mother in the whistling greyness. Should we search? Should we wait? Should we go down? We dredged up vague memoories of the 16kmn run in sunshine the day before and decided on the right hand veer. No way of seeing bumps, so bent-kneed we down-traversed/side-slid. Joy as we found another marker, but not the others. The same process again but not knowing which side of the strip we were on. Half an hour of nail-biting wand-to-wand and the greyness lifted slightly. We skiied the loooong schuss to the return lift and, thankfully, found the others waiting.

Nice run though.
Morgan Woods - on 10 Oct 2012
In reply to ed woods:

The Lech - Zurs white ring circuit was a fun half day out.
jcw on 10 Oct 2012
In reply to ed woods: Th best pistes are all off pistes. N better example than the Point de Vue which is boring of itself (unless in powder), but where the variants are magnificent.
Mike-W-99 on 10 Oct 2012
In reply to chrisfecher:

> 4, The Saslong - Val Gardena - Italy (you can ski the whole down-hill race piste, its amazing)
Very enjoyable but cuts up quickly so best done off of the 1st lift.
ed woods - on 10 Oct 2012
In reply to jcw:

Yeah, I know what you're getting at but it's a different kettle of fish isn't it?

I'd never choose piste over off when conditions are good, but I don't believe you haven't ever had a good day lapping the lifts? ;)
ed woods - on 10 Oct 2012
In reply to Rob Exile Ward:

Good point with the names - hence some of mine being "that red"!

Yeah, Sarenne has to be up there - popular choice too. You reminded me of another one with the mention of Val T - seem to remember there's a really nice red over the top above Orelle... or maybe my memory is coloured by weather/snow on the day...
barney800 on 11 Oct 2012
In reply to ed woods: Tunnel at Val d'Isere. It's only ever been open once while I've been there, and I'm not totally convinced I'd class it as a piste. You get to ski through the mountain via a tunnel/pipe then down a dodgy, narrow, steep and ungroomed track on the other side. Highly entertaining! Grand Couloir at Courchevel is good fun too.
Guy - on 11 Oct 2012
In reply to johnny1: It's been many years since I skied Serre Chevalier but I know the ones you mention and they are great as is the downhill run, nice jumps!
Bobz - on 11 Oct 2012
In reply to ed woods: Bit biased as I used to live there, but 'Melezes' in Les Gets is a very long and almost always, quiet red run, lots of rolling jumps and steep sections. again if you can do the whole thing in one go....i managed it once and then collapsed. Downside - its low so needs plenty of snow! Also the red from the top of chamossiere in Morzine is lovley, and ends with a track in the trees and a hot chocolate!
Rigid Raider - on 11 Oct 2012
The reds off the top of Cote 2000 in Megeve are pretty good with some thrilling steep fast swoops that will have you holding your hat on.
johnny1 - on 12 Oct 2012
In reply to Guy:
> (In reply to johnny1) the downhill run, nice jumps!

yep the 'luc alphand' - for sure some nice jumps, you can really end up with some time in the air hitting the rollers on it at a bit of speed
ripper - on 12 Oct 2012
In reply to ed woods: I can't remember what it's called and it's years since I did it but I always liked the run down towards Courcheval from the top of the big lift up from the Meribel valley - just a nice steepness, suited me fine
aligibb - on 12 Oct 2012
In reply to ed woods:
I 2nd chamossiere in Morzine, its an awesome run. Same area - but all the runs off Les Grandes Combes the inc Coupe de Monde and with good conditions Combe de Machon.

And not the longest run in the world, but absolutely brilliant as theres hardly ever anyone on it and ists a perfect pitch for gunning it as long as you concentrate- Rhododendrons into Casse Noisette off the Rochassons chairlift in Chatel. And the descent of the Linga bowl right from the top.

I'll also admit to being biased as I live there but thats one of the reasons after 6 years I'm still doing seasons there!
Guy - on 12 Oct 2012
In reply to johnny1: I wound down the windows on the one up in the trees higher up the run. Scared myself tbh!
Rory Shaw - on 12 Oct 2012
In reply to ed woods: Really enjoyed the Mont Vallon red in Meribel/Courcheval. Don't rate the pisted runs in Chamonix - pont du vue is awesome but not a real piste as it doesn't get pisted.... but then you don't go to chamonix for the pistes!
machars on 12 Oct 2012
In reply to ed woods:
Peak to creek at whistler which i did the year before it officially opened- had the whole run to ourselves for whole day in knee deep powder!
Point de Vue to Lognan, Grand Montets for views. Bottom bit only good when its quiet in the morning.
From the top of Alp d'Huez though can't remember the the name. Was all freshies when i did it so was more like off piste.
Top to bottom Lake Louise on the downhill course

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