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nicky79 - on 11 Oct 2012
Hi, I've moved to the UK recently,living near Crewe, love rock climbing and go regularly for indoor bouldering just to keep myself in shape.I much prefer outdoor climbing though, so please can anyone let me know the nearest outdoor destination.
Thank you.
IPPurewater on 11 Oct 2012
In reply to nicky79: You are rather close to the Peak District. The Roaches will be less than 30 miles away I believe.

wilkesley - on 11 Oct 2012
In reply to IPPurewater:
Pontesbury Rocks, just outside Shrewsbury. However, from Crewe it's only about 2hrs to N Wales (Llanberis) and a bit less to the Peak. If you go to the Peak you have to factor in large amounts of traffic congestion (Stoke, Leek) on the way.

World's End at Llangollen isn't too far. There is also Helsby.
Greenbanks - on 11 Oct 2012
In reply to nicky79:

Crewe is really handy all round - Peak locations (35-40 miles); North Wales (100 or so); Lakes (similar)...
Darron - on 11 Oct 2012
In reply to nicky79:

You can easily avoid all congestion from Crewe to the Peak by going via Congleton/Buxton or 'the back roads way' from Haslington (just outside Crewe) to Astbury (just outside Congleton) and then on. Under an hour to the Roaches, one and 1/4 to one 1/2 hrs to Stanage.

As I have always said - the only good thing about Crewe is that it's easy to get out of!
Paul Hy - on 11 Oct 2012
In reply to nicky79: Roaches (Gritstone)by car is about 40 mins, Trevor Rocks (Sport Limestone) about 50 mins. Helsby (hard sandstone) about 40 mins, North Wales (Rhyolite and Slate) about 1.5 hours. Lakes (granite) about 2.5hrs. so take your pick!
nicky79 - on 11 Oct 2012
In reply to nicky79: Thanks very much guys,as soon as the weather gets better (at least not pouring) I'll be visiting them all,can't wait. Cheers!
Peter in Oxford - on 11 Oct 2012
In reply to nicky79:
Bosley Cloud is easy to get to from Crewe


Not as good as the Roaches but still pretty good.
Trevor Langhorne on 11 Oct 2012
In reply to nicky79:

All of the following crags are accessible enough for an afternoon or evening's climbing. I regularly visited all these when I lived in crewe.
If you want local bouldering heighly castle about 8 miles from crewe towards Keele is good and hard - in the roaches guide I think. Grinshill a few miles north of shrewsbury is another good bouldering/micro routes type area (in the west midlands guide and possibly the new nesscliff guide). The whole Eglwyseg valley above Llangollen is superb and very beautiful. Maeshafn and Pothole Quarry near Mold are enjoyable and not too far (all in Clwyd Rock). Llanymynech and Pandy Outcrop (near Oswestry are also not a long drive) - not sure which guidebook they are in now.

Believe it or not if you get a sharp exit from work, drive quickly and take your mountain bike you can always grab a route on cloggy on a midweek evening after work! Did Longlands and Great slab that way for two memorable excursions Racing down the snowdon path in the evening gloom on your bike (headlights are unethical) in an attempt to make last orders is real fun! Places like The Ogwen Valley and The Llanberis Pass are no problem for a summer's evening and between them have the best part of a lifetime's worth of climbing.

Crewe is actually a good place for a climber who doesn't mind a bit of travelling, within two and a half hours you can be climbing anywhere from Avon Gorge or Wye Valley in the South via Mid wales, Clwyd Rock, The entire Peak District, Yorkshire Dales or The Lake District in the North, it is just a pity that to get to the peak crags often involves negotiating Stoke and then some poor roads making for surprisingly long travelling times given the distances involved.

Have fun
wilkesley - on 12 Oct 2012
In reply to Trevor Langhorne:

I lived in the peak for about 20yrs and my family are from Cheshire. As a result I am familiar with just about every possible route between Cheshire and Sheffield Having done it on average about once a week for 20yrs, I would much rather drive the longer distance to somewhere like Llanberis or Llangollen.
mistermingrel on 12 Oct 2012 - host-84-13-91-237.opaltelecom.net
In reply to wilkesley:
I agree with you but the OP asked for the nearest climbing to Crewe rather than the best! Hence I tried to work outwards and perhaps widen their horizons regarding what is possible. Missed out some crags as they were already mentioned in other posts.
Trevor Langhorne on 12 Oct 2012
In reply to wilkesley:

The post from Mr Mingrel is me using an old login.

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