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Topic - anti social behaviour at roaches

phleppy on 14 Nov 2012
Thought i'd drive down to the roaches earlier today to have a good poke about soloing & bouldering. It's a long drive but i'd never been & i'm always willing to drive far for a good day out.
Anyway as i passed through the gate at car park there was three lads there so i gave them a friendy hello & thought nothing of it.
After having a good boulder about on the lower boulders i thought i'd walk across the bottom of the lower tier to have a look & passed two climbers, they were fine but beyond them were them three lads joined by a young lass.
Now, im not sure if she & another one of the lads was looking after the other two younger lads as i'd heard there was a 'home' close by but one of them from nowhere started calling me stupid & wierd for having a mat & wearing a beanie, at this point i tried my best to make light of it but that clearly was'nt going to happen, everything i said back to him he just kept on insulting me & he just pushed me too far so i walked over & squared up to him, i know it is'nt big or clever but i'd tried to ignore him but he obviously did'nt like the look of me, he carried on some more choice words but not with as much insult towards me but i decided to push him anyway, luckily for him & me before he fell of the drop behind one of the others stopped him falling, at this point the other little cretin started shouting his mouth off, i decided to leave or things would have got out of control. Fearing for my car as they'd seen me pull up in it i thought it was best to leave & that was my first visit to the roaches, ruined by little shits.

Has anyone ever had this kind of thing happen to them at the roaches before? Or anywhere else for that matter.
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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