/ Robust but reasonably priced overtrousers?

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Taurig - on 17 Nov 2012
Hey, just looking for some recommendations of fairly robust overtrousers for winter use that won't break the bank?

I have some Marmot Precip trousers that are OK for pulling over the softshells on the occasional soggy day, but they are a bit flimsy I'm doubting their waterproofness after the other half accidentally tumble dried them for several hours... I'm looking for something that I can wear in properly grim weather all day, perhaps with leggings underneath. I'd like the face fabric to be noticeably tougher and harder-wearing than the Precips. Full or 3/4 side zip not essential but nice, same with internal gaiters, braces and crampon patches. Weight not an issue, but I would like them be a traditional shell, rather than Paramo etc. as I think the extra insulation might limit their range of use. Is there anything about that can be had for around 100, up to about 150? 300 Arc'teryx salopettes look nice but are a bit out of my price range.

Styx - on 17 Nov 2012
I have a pair of Montane Venture over trousers that are ideal for this kind of thing, they use "Hurricane eVent" which is a tougher face fabric. I can't see them on the Montane page so maybe they've been discontinued? Bah.

The Rab Stretch Neo pants would probably be awesome too, I have the jacket and it's the dogs bollocks.
nickcj - on 17 Nov 2012
In reply to Taurig:

Tumbledrying should actually help revive the dwr?!

Mountain Equipment Karakorum overtrousers are pretty robust and won't break the bank or Keela do some that a few people on here rate.
bluebealach - on 17 Nov 2012
In reply to nickcj:
> (In reply to Taurig)

> Or Keela do some that a few people on here rate.

A tad on the heavy side but yes, bomb proof!!

Cameron94 on 17 Nov 2012
In reply to Taurig:
Dare2b do really good sallopettes in my experience, I have a pair which have 4way stretch fabric, kick patches, gaitors, pre shaped knee's, bib and braces.
They only have 1/4 legth zips so I only wear them on days where I'll keep them on car to car which works for me.
They cost around 120 but you can find them cheaper if you search them out online.

Comparing them to the other overtrousers I have (Haglofs & mountain equipment) they are definitely up to standard! I would buy them again if that's anything to go by.
If you don't fancy that search around in the sales.

martinph78 on 17 Nov 2012
In reply to Taurig: As said, tumble drying revives DWR coatings, and duct tape fixes everything else ;)

Go Outdoors are doing Berghaus overtrousers for 24.99 (half price), with an extra 10% off this weekend.

At that price doesn't matter if you rip them.
Welsh Kate - on 17 Nov 2012
In reply to Martin1978:
Yep, the Berghaus Deluge. Great buy. Or if you want gtx, the Berhaus Storm are tough and a good price.
Taurig - on 17 Nov 2012
Thanks for the replies so far.

Regarding the tumble dry, I believe that is usually the case that it revives the DWR, but this was clearly too hot and too long (new washing machine, long story...) The end result included the seam tape completely falling off her jacket and the membrane appearing to melt into the face fabric! I though my trousers seemed ok, but the last time I wore them I got pretty wet.

Anyway, to reply to the recommendations:

Rab Stretch Neo look good, but they seem to be about 170-180. I'm not sure I can stretch that far to be honest. I'd like to hear some long term (as in years) reviews of NeoShell as well.

ME Karakorum are definitely on the short list, I have heard good things previously and they can be found under 150 sometimes.

Keela I'm sure would keep me dry but I have heard they are quite hot, not Paramo level but pretty warm. I know I said weight wasn't an issue, but maybe trousers that weigh twice as much as my jacket are a bit far.

Dare2b, funny you should mention them Cameron as I was having a look at them the other day online, thought they looked good but dismissed them as the don't have much of a mountaineering background that I'm aware of. I will definitely check those out. Have you had them out on a minging wet day? Always wonder if these own brand stretch fabrics are as waterproof as they claim.

Berghaus Storm, cheers for the tip off on them, if the face fabric on them is solid they're also in the short list, not too pricy either.
Blastbar - on 17 Nov 2012
In reply to Taurig: I love my Rab Latok Tours, seem pretty sturdy, only the odd crampon hole! got mine in a sale for around 100, probably be able to get them cheaper now though.
Taurig - on 18 Nov 2012
Just realised I omitted an important criteria; a fly would be most advantageous as these will be getting used with a harness at some point. It's hard enough taking a leak in winter trying to get your chap over and under various layers!
CurlyStevo - on 18 Nov 2012
In reply to Taurig:
I've been using bergaus storm with gaiters for years you can pick them up for around 80 quid on line normally and they will last 3 to 4 years of hard use.
Simon Wells - on 18 Nov 2012
In reply to Taurig:

This is what I recommend to the Adventure Sports Students I work with:

They do stretch version without full length zips, but has venting on thigh and braces for 99, those are my standard 'it'll ran all day but I am moving around', Keela Munroe salopettes for wet or very cold and not moving much.

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