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Topic - 4yr olds climbing

flopsicle - on 23 Nov 2012
I guess this is a pretty open post on the basis that it's always good to benefit from other's thoughts.

My daughter is dead keen on climbing and (as yet) I haven't seen another mini that's quite as mini as her but climbing with a grown up passion. She not hauled snivelling to the tops of walls, our biggest rows are over it being time to go or to have a break. If she sees any kid do anything she wants to do it too, especially if said kid is a mad keen climber. After watching a young lad who looked about 8 doing overhangs she nagged, begged and pleaded to have a go, when I gave in she proved she ain't too young!

At the moment there are some hurdles for mini munchkin. She's desperate to climb with other kids but with kids her age has to choose between their company or climbing as, even if they climb, they understandably prefer playing, she chooses the company and is still happy but tells me she still wants to climb with other kids. There's a climbing course for 5-7s that the centre have said she can go on because they've got to know her and hopefully that'll help - if there's at least one other kid really into it. The course doesn't start till next year though.

The other issue is that while Munchkin loves climbing she's also a girly girl and is beginning to think climbing is a 'boys' thing. She does see other female climbers but the instructors at the centre are all men. She's asked me if she can have a lesson off a girl climber but I can't find one. I climb, but I'm a tomboy mum that isn't into pink so don't count!

Last of all this whole post is going to sound a bit weird, like some pushy, deluded mum - unless you saw what I mean. Anyone that has experience teaching kids, or with a real mini climber is welcome to PM for a vid. I'm not weird, my daughter does love climbing and wanted santa to bring new stickies! She's a whole human being, a tooth sucking, problem making climber - just unfortunately 4!

Any thoughts/ideas welcome.
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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