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Topic - Winter Training Plan

Hey folks, after some advice from the fitter folks on UKC

I want to sort myself out a training plan for the coming weeks, and was after some guidance

I want to increase my Cardio fitness & Stamina, so I can cope with long scottish walk ins, and nice long grade three routes.
I also need to increase my strength, to allow me to climb that bit harder (winter climbing, so Axe use, no crimpy holds!!)

now, I could Google that, but here's the tricky bit..time & Motivation!

I don't particularly enjoy training, so it can't be too boring, gotta keep me motivated, and I've got to fit it around work, and weekends climbing, and other evening commitments...so, I've got about 30mins to spare in the morning (thought maybe a session on the exercise bike?) and then maybe an hour or two when I get home from work. Trying to keep it all indoors too, weather's not exactly great at the moment!

So, anyone want a programme writing challenge? I've got 6 weeks to change from a 14st unfit fat wank*r, to a slightly lighter, slightly fitter wank*r

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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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