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Topic - who woke up in winter bumbly gaol?

French Erick - on 30 Nov 2012
Once, I read winter tales avidly. I was convinced that if I read enough, knowledge would stick into my mind and crystalise into experience.

Then, for I am but a lucky bugger, I met folks that were willing to pretend I had experience: sublty, they gave me a bit of the experience I believed I had in the first place.

This enabled me to see that in fact, experience and knowledge were not sufficient. Dedication, hard-work and talent were also necessary.
That is when I woke up from my beautiful climbing dream and woke up in winter bumbly gaol.

Now, being a bumbly is fine. But being a winter deprived bumbly is bad.
I bitterly condemn anyone that will make the best of the coming conditions.

I have to admit however, that I made my bed and must thus lie in it. Plenty people out there proving that they can raise above bumblydome and enter the ethereal demesne of winter enlightment.
They achieve that state, not because they are lucky, but thanks to chosing and willing themselves to do so.

BTW, I'm aff it since bothy night 2 weeks ago... can't even blame that for this ramble. Not seeking flattery either, just wondering out the f**k did I climb myself in that runout position! Dreaming the live, must I be.
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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