/ Converting BD Black Prophets to leashless.

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spearing05 - on 30 Nov 2012

Forgive me if this has been done to death but I'm after a bit of collective wisdom. I want to convert my axes but before I go drilling holes I'm after a bit of advice.

My axes look like these


My thinking is to drill the hole approx 1/3 up the shaft, would this be about right?

How much difference do triggers make and does anyone have any suggestions which ones I could get that will fit/be made to fit?


andy_e on 01 Dec 2012
In reply to spearing05: I couldn't find anything off the shelf that fits these axes, so I resorted to a large hose clamp on the bottom of the handle, with the tightening nut positioned under the little finger. then wrapped with some self amalgamating rubber tape. Serves good enough for what I wanted, and has lasted the last two seasons fine.
smithaldo - on 01 Dec 2012
In reply to spearing05: because of the shape of the shaft and the semi curved bottom, I dont think triggers will make much difference, but a horn on the bottom certainly will. On the new bd cobras I dont think I have ever used the trigger part on ice but the horn makes steep ice alot easier. YOu could maybe get something that will fit with just a little screw hole through the spike at the bottom then?
spearing05 - on 01 Dec 2012
In reply to spearing05: Cheers guys, will look at a horn then . . .
In reply to spearing05: Like all tools of that age the Black Prophets were not designed with leashless in mind (I've got similar shaped CM Pulsars). I think with out the progressive bend through the whole shaft that all modern tools have the hand position and action might not be great climbing leashless with those sort of tools even if you can engineer some sort hand rest at the base.

If you don't want to get new tools, how about engineering some good clip wrist loops (which give you many of the advantages of leashless + plus the advantages of leashes)?
spearing05 - on 02 Dec 2012
In reply to TobyA: Hi Toby, what are clip wrist loops, had a google but can't see anything that fits your description?

I can see how the newer shaped axes are more erganomical to use but is it that much harder to use older axes without the leashes? I just find the leashes get in the way a lot more than they help - though this is probably due to inexperiance.
spearing05 - on 02 Dec 2012
In reply to spearing05: Doh - I know what yo u mean now. hmmm something else to consider.

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