/ Holes in my tyres...what to do?

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MattJ753 - on 02 Dec 2012

Just wondering if what has happened to me is a common thing, and what other people do about it?.....

Had a few puncures recently so I change the tube, pull out the foreign object and carry on... but I'm noticing that the entrance wound in the tyre can be quite big, leaving a gaping hole maybe 2-3 mm, which leaves what I assume to be a massive weakness in the tyre.

I had a puncture today and there was no sign of glass/flint/etc, so I am wondering if the inner tube was damaged through one of these holes.

So is this something that you just put up with, or is there an easy fix? I don't like the thought of replacing tyres as well as tubes after a blow-out!


steev on 02 Dec 2012
In reply to MattJ753:

You can patch the tyre itself if the casing isn't too damaged. I've used tubeless tyre patches to do this (because I had them) but I can't see any reason why normal patches wouldn't work. Just patch the inside of the tyre, making sure it's very clean beforehand.

If you have holes that are very close to the bead of the tyre (unlikely in your case I think) then it's probably safer to replace they tyre - not only are these difficult to patch, but that part of the tyre experiences quite big forces and you're much more likely to end up with a ripped tyre (and corresponding personal injury).
MattJ753 - on 02 Dec 2012
In reply to steev: Thanks, sounds like a plan...the holes are right in the centre and this is on a road bike by the way, so yeah i can give that a go.
yesbutnobutyesbut - on 02 Dec 2012
In reply to MattJ753: I quite often put Super glue in small holes or cuts in my road bike tyres. I use the suoer glue with a brush so it doesn't get too much on the tyre,you don't want lumps of hard glue inside the tyre! If you put the glue on with the tyre inflated then deflate the tyre it seals itself as the tyre shrinks. Obviously if it's a big tear or hole its probably best to replace the tyre.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.