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Topic - elbow compartment syndrome

lorentz - on 03 Dec 2012

Has anyone had any experience of compartment syndrome of the elbow. Have been doing some research and it seems to match my symptoms exactly. Have done a search on here and it's brought up some forearm stuff. I have localised swelling and soreness on pretty much the slightest exertion just below the elbow at the back of the forearm. Have struggled with tennis elbow since March, but that finally seems to be improving. However, my elbow is very prone to strain/sprain and swelling. Also the joint is clicking a lot more than it ever used to, so am wondering if there's a mis-alignment/slight dislocation even.

Any previous experiences gratefully received. Have seen an orthopaedic surgeon who diagnosed the tennis elbow and said to leave it to heal (which it seems to be doing in fairness.). Am going back to see him december/january, and am keen to get the other symptoms I'm suffering addressed or at least diagnosed. I'm struggling with work as I do a lot of lifting in my job, and haven't been able to climb since May now. Really starting to get me down a bit!

Cheers in advance

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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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