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DAVID0347 on 04 Dec 2012
Going here April 2013 and don't know if I can get a bus from Antalya Airport/Bus Station. Flight arrives 19:05 hrs 22/04/2013.

Anyone made this trip at this time and can give advice please.

Have tried bus timetable but it says last bus is 19:30 hrs?
HIGHTOWER - on 04 Dec 2012
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Don't know about bus's i'm afraid, but when I went I used Kadir's transport. If there's a few of you it should be fairly reasonable.
mumtaz.ay - on 19 Dec 2012
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it looks like you are missing the last bus. Kadirs' or all other camps would organize airport transfer. Do ask them if there are other customers to share the cost.
rockybilbao on 06 Jan 2013 - host86-134-66-193.range86-134.btcentralplus.com
In reply to DAVID0347: buses run from Antalya airport to Antalya bus station until the small hours of the morning. Havas buses are direct and cost 10 lire last spring, Antalya city buses take about an hour and cost between 2 and 3 lire. Both these buses go from in front of the domestic terminal - come out of the international terminal and turn right. I don't know the timetable but I think the city buses are every 30 minutes until late at night.
Then you should be able to get a dolmus (small bus / big minibus) from the bus station to the Olympos turning (about 6 lire). These leave every 20-30 minutes - it seems to depend on demand and the mood of the driver - heading for Finike or Kumluca. I've seen a local dolmus to Olympos waiting at the junction but I haven't used this - I'm always heading for Finike, further along the coast. I don't know how late they run.
Kadir's should be able to advise or lay on a local taxi to meet you on the main road. It's about 10km from the main road to Olympos and downhill all the way if you fancy walking ...
I'll be out there middle to end of February and can check all this for you.

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