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mheyes101 - on 05 Dec 2012
hello guys,

i am planning a trip to mt Olympus in march and am wondering if anyone has an idea of the conditions around this time of year?

rocky57 - on 05 Dec 2012
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Which one?
mheyes101 - on 05 Dec 2012
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Iain Thow - on 05 Dec 2012
In reply to mheyes101: Went in early april a few years ago, did the easier summits but the main one was avalanche city. Hard work in soft snow. The hut is closed in early spring (because it's avalanchy) but you can doss on the verandah comfortably. Rumour is that there is a guy in Litochoro keeps a key, but he was on holiday when I went. The road up to the start of the track was open, as was the bar at the top end of it. Snowline was a few hundred feet below the hut. Litochoro is a very friendly place and I had a fun time, even though I didn't get the main top. Superb hill, intend to go back. Not in early spring though - I found out later that more people have died on the mountain in April than all the other months put together - avalanches mainly, as the rock slabs high up shed snow in a thaw. I backed off Mytikas at a 30 degree slab with about a metre of snow cover. No sensible way round. The couloir from Zonaria is steeper and really nasty in spring snow.
mheyes101 - on 05 Dec 2012
Cheers dude.
mountainbagger - on 06 Dec 2012
In reply to mheyes101: I went in September, which was perfect, but that doesn't really help you if you're fixed to March. Agree Litohoro (spelling?) is a nice town, very friendly. Good bakery in centre to stock up on supplies before heading up. Nice walk to the hut from Litohoro, although you can drive up a lot of the way, but that would be shame.

Tip: don't give any of the local dogs food - they will follow you to the hut, sleep outside your tent (they let us camp outside the hut - but you should still phone and book this), and then bag the summit with you the next day before following you back down, chasing donkeys on the way and barking at your car when you finally drive off.

I think we stayed in the Poseidon Palace hotel in Leptokarya, for one night before and another when we got back down. Can't remember why we chose that one really, but it was very nice.
mountainbagger - on 06 Dec 2012
In reply to mountainbagger: BTW, this was back in 2004 or something, so things may well have changed. Litohoro might have a maccy d's, no stray dogs and the Poseidon Hotel may have been swallowed by the sea!

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