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thomb - on 06 Dec 2012
My partner and I have never been to the Brecon Beacons. We're going to head there on Sunday to check it out, and are up for a good day of walking (with the idea of practising for a trip to Scotland in January.

Can you recommend us a route? We have a map for the western park, but could always pick up the eastern one.

We also have crampons if conditions call for them.

Oujmik - on 06 Dec 2012
In reply to thomb: For a first visit, you could do a lot worse that a tour of the 'main' beacons immediately south of Brecon. The tourist path starts at the Storey Arms car park on the A470, but that is pretty dull. Instead I'd recommend parking up in the lanes between Brecon and the hills (for example, there is a car park shown on the OS map at the foot of Allt Du (approx grid ref 023 249), but there are others. From here you can follow any of the long ridges South to pick up the main ridge on Pen Y Fan, Cribin and Fan Y Big. You can then either drop back down south and return at low level to your start or do a circuit of the Neuadd reservoirs to return to Pen Y Fan. Obviously you could also do either of these options starting with Fan Y Big.

Another option if you want to stay further west is to walk from the Shire Horse Centre up to Fan Brycheiniog via the rocky edge (with a flat easy path) of Fan Hir. YOu can also start this walk with som stream bed scrambling up Cwm Haffes. I fell in the river when I did this, but only due to my own stupidity and it as only a few inches deep... might be ice in the current conditions!
Welsh Kate - on 06 Dec 2012
In reply to thomb:

If your practising for a trip to Scotland, then I agree with Oujmik's suggestions - only by tackling the central escarpment from the north (Cwm Gwdi or Cwm Llwch) will you get a decent ascent.

I used a rather contrived route when I was getting into Munro fitness by doing the standard central horseshoe from the Neuadd Reservoir, but descending from Corn Du into Cwm Llwch, walking along the lanes to Cwm Gwdi, then ascending Pen y Fan from the north.

But the Fan Brycheiniog route from Dan yr Ogof that Oujmik suggests is also excellent.

You are very unlikely to need crampons, microspikes are usually more than enough for most walking routes in the area, though I have been very grateful for crampons on a few of the steeper slopes when there's been heavy snowfalls that have then frozen. otoh, if you're practising for Scotland, carry the crampons anyway, the exercise'll do you good ;-)
Welsh Kate - on 06 Dec 2012
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'you're' in line 1, not 'your', obviously!
toad - on 06 Dec 2012
In reply to thomb: Dan's second route is the obvious one fora first Beacons trip, or you could go further west and take in Camarthen Fans and the Black Mountain.
spearing05 - on 06 Dec 2012
In reply to Welsh Kate:
> (In reply to Welsh Kate)
> 'you're' in line 1, not 'your', obviously!

And for a university lecturer too - although i suspect spelling in Latin would be more Kate's thing? ;-)
thomb - on 06 Dec 2012
In reply to Oujmik:

Cheers for the suggestions, both sound like good options - looks like if we do the tour of the main beacons we'd need to do it backwards to be able to get (two) buses back - might be simpler to stick to a circuitous route!

Thanks for you're input too Welsh Kate, Dan Bailey, appreciated ;)

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