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wibb20 - on 09 Dec 2012
A friend of mine turns 30 later this month, and a group of us would like to get something memorable for his birthday! He loves climbing and has just come back from a month in the Himilayas where he was on a Jagged Globe expedition.

He is quite fearless, and climbs in summer up to around 6b. I know he wants to get more into ice climbing and also winter mountaineering. We did Mont Blanc together 18 months ago, and he learned a little bit of ice climbing techniques in Nepal recently, but for the most part he is not experienced in ice climbing. I was thinking of sending him on a 2-3 day course in Scotland, such as this - http://www.gethigh.co.uk/winter_climbing.html - or alternatively paying for a guide for a couple of days and he can then decide how to use the time....

Any suggestions? He has pretty much of the kit he would need, apart from the specific ice axes and protection (he has B3 boots and G12 crampons etc).

Jones the teeth - on 09 Dec 2012
In reply to wibb20: If you are going to book Garry he's brilliant but don't hang around as he get's booked up pretty quick.There are always toys but time on ice/mixed is priceless
wibb20 - on 09 Dec 2012
In reply to Jones the teeth:

Is 'Garry' the man who runs 'gethigh.co.uk'? So I take it his courses are pretty good then?
Jones the teeth - on 09 Dec 2012
In reply to wibb20: Yes and he knows the area like the back of his hand!!
In reply to Jones the teeth: If this isn't just spam trying to get people to follow the link to the course, you've two have done a very good job of making it look just like that! If you're not all just "Garry" posting under different names trying to rustle up some custom without paying for an advert, he should know that that is what it suspiciously looks like. Actually having profiles and a posting history helps avoid leaving that impression.
wibb20 - on 09 Dec 2012
In reply to TobyA:

Crikey - what is it with this forum!? No, I am not Garry - I am genuinely looking for advice to buy a gift for my climbing partner.... Perhaps you could contribute to the discussion! By all means, suggest a competitor - I have no ice axe to grind! ;)
Fred Astaire on 09 Dec 2012 - host86-146-80-118.range86-146.btcentralplus.com
In reply to wibb20: Ha ha. That's priceless. You must admit it looks like an ad.

There are loads of Scottish guides and they all have websites. Try the AMI site and use the "find an instructor" page http://www.ami.org.uk

Then you need to pray for weather....
wibb20 - on 09 Dec 2012
In reply to Fred Astaire:

Thanks Fred - I never knew that site existed. I will have a look. Many thanks!

And Toby - I have now created a profile, so perhaps you can see I am not a troll, or a fisher, or anything else! I come in peace! ;)
Jones the teeth - on 10 Dec 2012
In reply to wibb20: I have known Garry for 6 years.Is that good enough for you???

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