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Shawty - on 11 Dec 2012

Recently I have been trying to do shoulder workouts as apparently they help prevent injury, and I have found that I have serious issues with external rotations, and cannot rotate my arm past about 30 degrees without my elbow coming away from my side.

Anyone else have a problem like this? Any ideas how I can increase the range of motion here, and will it actually cause issues if I can't?

Thanks for any advice.
TAI on 12 Dec 2012
In reply to Shawty: I'm no expert, but I should think regular stretching should help. You can Google for stretches to increase shoulder flexibility. as to issues with your range of movement, it shouldn't affect you that much, possibly only in circumstances which may require those movements.

hope this helped somewhat.
ice.solo - on 13 Dec 2012
In reply to Shawty:

just today i did some ROM stuff.

yep, it causes issues if you cant. not just as far as range goes, but strength in that range: lots of people have good range, but often its just mobility and doesnt have a wide range of applied strength to it (ie most people can touch their thumb to armpit, but not all can do ring pushups from the same range).

for shoulder stuff (on top of extra warming up over normal) i do a lot of 'dislocates' with a light bar, deep pushups and dips on roman rings, dead hang pullups bringing nipples to the bar, muscle ups, kettle bell halos and rope pulls - all with a focus on ROM, not volume or weight.
its not a fast process, but goes a long long way towards injury prevention and other factors.

all those exercises should be searchable on youtube.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.