/ Is it Wales cold enough?

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Murilo Lessa - on 11 Dec 2012
Hello, me and my mate are based in London and thinking about going to Wales this weekend. I can climb up to IV, keen to push grades a bit. Is there anything in conditions up there already, and if so could anyone suggest me some locations? If not might head to some dry tooling venue anyway which tips would also be very much appreciated.

My friend mentioned the Crib Goch full traverse, which seems more like a long walk than actually a climb.. just wondering..

torquil on 11 Dec 2012
In reply to Murilo Lessa: hi, you can check the conditions thread here:


but check the weather - thurs pm onwards is looking terrible, a huge warm storm coming in from the west. Surfing maybe, but climbing I doubt very much.
KellyKettle - on 11 Dec 2012
In reply to Murilo Lessa: Its been minus 3 ish in the valley floors and about 0 at sea level, but looking up, a lot of the snow from last week has gone... what remains should be nice and hard (today, by the weekend it could be all change) but I'd stay off anything turfy still, it's not been all that cold for all that long.

Realistically seeing what the conditions and weather reports are on friday is the best way forwards.
beardy mike - on 11 Dec 2012
In reply to KellyKettle: It's going to depend on what happens to the jet stream. Currently it looks like we will be seeing winds from the eastern seaboard of the states, which is not great news... I hope this changes, but it shows it right through to next week at the minute. Hopefully the current cold snap will make the conditions stick for a bit...
Webster - on 11 Dec 2012
In reply to Murilo Lessa: Its all going downhill on thursday so i dont think there will be much worth the travel from london for by the weekend, but... for future reference the NE face of Pen y Fan in the Brecon Beacons (south wales) is your best bet coming from london. it takes reasonable snow cover and about a week of sub zero (preferably some freeze-thaw cycling) for a bunch of easy gullys/ribs up to grade 3 to come into condition. with a really good freeze lasting at least 5-7 days some good roadside water ice forms along the A470 between Merthyr tydfil and Brecon.

of course there is lots to be found in north wales which comes into condition far more regularly, but requires a longer walk in. check out the conditions thread which has already been mentioned above.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.