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Topic - In response to the dog rescue - the other side of the mountain

In response to the other side of this story:

I am perturbed that I have to even defend this situation, and utterly
annoyed that you had to write about it when there's more important things
to do, but someone has to explain:

Although I was not present at this "dog rescue" I would like to add the
following to these emails:

The dog owner is not a farmer, he is one of Cumbria's best climbers and has
had many, many years of varied, expert mountain experience. He has his own
mountain adventure business, which was the first of its kind some years
ago, before all the others joined!

So you may be saying why let his dog fall? Let me begin to give you a
bigger picture, which everything has. I might add that people are either
too unintelligent to realise this fact or they have decided to see things
the way they want to see them, possibly for their own self gratification:

These dogs go out with him every single day. One is Seven and one is two
years of age and they are mountain dogs. They are working dogs. They are
incredible in the hills.

This is about understanding that what you see may not be what you think it
to be or judge it to be. Why is it when someone is angry nowadays or makes
a mistake, they are suddenly the bad guy. I prefer someone who is like this
man, who knows instantly how to react to a situation and a man who is loyal
and trust worthy in the mountains, especially compared to do gooders that
appear to be doing the right thing, who justify that to themselves, but
instead complicating a situation and making it worse.

I was out with this particular man last week up Custs gulley and the dogs
did fine. They are loyal and dedicated and most importantly, love the
mountains. I have been on many trips staying in bothies and tents with
these dogs and said owner for days on end in the Highlands of Scotland. He
is kind to them, but does not make a fuss with these dogs. They are the
best behaved and most agile dogs I have ever known. This man is the most
loyal and loving dog owner I have met. He is also someone I trust utterly
to be with out in the hills. And so as you know, I have been walking and
mountaineering since I was young and I am now 35 and I have met some,
sorry, wankers on the hill, and he is certainly not one of them.

I have also had to hoist these dogs over crags and you just have to go for
it. You have to be quick and think off your feet. This man made a mistake
today with one dog, yes, he missed the point where he thought the dog would
land, as the dog was getting in the way because the dog likes chasing ice
and having fun!!! He's a dog!

This story is about other people coming in on a snippet of a day with their
own misguided perceptions of what is potentially dangerous. And
furthermore, a day where things could have been less complicated if people
trusted others and let them sort things out for themselves.

Also do people really only want to look for small windows of evidence in
this life and completely judge a whole person's character on this?

Did they not realise that this man could have been 'angry' just for a
moment because his dog went somewhere he was told not to go for just one
time out of days and days of perfect and amazing dog mountain undertakings
and crusades?

Have they not thought that his anger could be because he was worried for
the dog, himself and his climbing partner? Did you not think that he simply
made a mistake? The other dog, and I should know, because I go out in the
mountains with these dogs all the time, was perfectly capable, especially
if you leave him be (and I have had to learn this, as he can be
deceiving!). He can look after himself if he is left alone. He did so on
Custs gulley with me only the other day.

5 to 6 days a week, these dogs are helpful, trustworthy, and work well with
said man and his customers.

The dogs help the customers' self esteem and motivation when they could
otherwise be flagging or tired out in the hills. These dogs spark enjoyment
and fun in people when they are in the mountains. They are a good source of
company and they are, most importantly, working dogs. If they did not do
this, they would have a life, like many dogs do, indoors, no company or
stimulation. This man has been dedicated to his dogs from the day he got
them and continues to give up things for them. Do not judge him and his
dogs on one situation. Thank you. M. Brown, composer and hill walker.
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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