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Topic - Ski touring kit advice

Denni on 12 Dec 2012
Evening folks,
I'll apologise in advance for the long post!

Have been ski touring a few times on either rented or borrowed kit. Anyway, in Feb, I'm hoping to go to either Norway or Sweden for a wee bit more ski touring stuff and want to invest in my own set up before then.

It will only be relatively short tours, think up hills for a couple of hours then back down on easy terrain.

I'd say I'm an intermediate skier, not happy on all terrain and would always prefer to go to places that are free from major obstacles or immediate dangers.

So then with this in mind, I have the following questions:

I have a blank pair of all mountain skis, 175 in length (the size I have always used) and 100 underfoot. Are these suitable for mounting touring bindings? I don't see why not as I don't think that you need specific touring skis for what I plan to do or do I?

I would like a pair of bindings that I can use with Alpine boots so I don't have to fork out for another pair and also, that are a sort of hybrid tour/alpine binding that I can also do a bit of skiing on, so I have looked at these:

Any other recommendations or reviews on these? Apparently my DIN is about 9 but I have no idea if that is correct, it just seems a figure that has stuck with me from a couple of years ago!

Lastly, I plan to use my BD switch lock walking poles and I assume they will be just fine? (before I've only used ski poles) Or again, does anyone have any other recommendations of something that is fairy robust and collapsable.

I realise these are all very basic questions for ski touring but with the differing advice on the net, It would be good to get some first hand review and info from you good folk.

Thanks in advance, Den

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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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