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Cameron94 on 13 Dec 2012
Are there any other outdoor shops that work in the same way to that of Sport pursuit? I like the way they work, buying from them quite often but they cover a large area of disciplines so I was wondering what else is out there?
Shearwater - on 13 Dec 2012
In reply to Cameron94:

TKMaxx? ;-)
Cameron94 on 14 Dec 2012
In reply to Cameron94: Can you think of anything else to go with that?
graeme jackson - on 14 Dec 2012
In reply to Cameron94: What way do sport pursuit work?
Cameron94 on 14 Dec 2012
In reply to graeme jackson: You pay before they actually have the products then they buy them in at trade price selling them for marginally more than that with upto 80% of rrp.

Atleast that's my understanding of how they work.
captain paranoia - on 14 Dec 2012
In reply to Cameron94:

My understanding of SportPursuit was that they've taken over a bit from TK Maxx, buying up overstock; at least I've seen it suggested that the decline is nice stuff in TKM is down to SP.

'letsbuyit.com' was an early example of the pre-order, bulk discount system, but it disappeared in the early dot.com fallout. It was more electricals rather than outdoor stuff.

Despite being a bargain hunter, I'm not signed up to SP; I have an irrational objection to their requirement for login before you can browse. It's like having to register with a shop before you're allowed to walk around, or look in the window... The stated argument that it 'preserves the confidentiality of our prices' is marketing bollox, ISTM, bandying words like 'secret' and 'exclusive' around to try to create some kind of cachet. Just like eBay's "you've won!" (aka you've just bought something, and probably paid over the odds because we've duped you into a bidding frenzy, sucker).

Plus, their recommendation system means that users tend to spam 'bargain threads' ceaselessly.

Like I said, given how many bargains I post (for no personal financial gain), somewhat irrational, but then I hate 'placed testimonials' with a vengeance.
Carolyn - on 14 Dec 2012
In reply to Cameron94:

I think SP do a bit of both - I've bought Vivobarefoot stuff off them that was this season's, before it had even been put up on manufacturer's website. And also bought Icebreaker that was equally obviously end of ranges (and large parts of that "sale" quickly became sold out).

But no, don't know anywhere that operates similarly, although I've come across a few shops that seem to buy up Icebreaker ends of ranges, and same for Lowe Alpine, etc. But not on such a scale a SP, and not necessarily on Internet.

Mind you, SP is a damn site easier with 2 kids in tow than braving TKMaxx with a toy section!
redscotti - on 14 Dec 2012
How about these www.trekkinn.com
Cheers, Dave

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