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Topic - Froggatt Tree Removal (Circus)

nathanlee - on 15 Dec 2012
Went up to the edge today and noticed some trees have been removed. I'll start by saying I'm very much in favour of tree removal from the edges, in order to keep routes cleaner etc.

The reason I posted is that the two trees on the ledge above Hard Cheddar have been removed. Anyone who knows the history/nature of this route would understand that the removal of these trees renders the extension, Circus (an excellent e7), protectionless. Admittedly the first side runner-less ascent was from Ben Heason, who soloed it, but several further ascents have used the trees, as they provide some good (ish) natural pro which is much needed on the route. Furthermore, the purpose on the removal is groundless, I know from first hand experience that the route is not particularly licheness and therefore the the tree removal will not improve its condition.

Whats left after this act is a total chop route (a fall from the top wall is 10-15m directly onto a large pointy block) rather than a bold/perhaps dangerous route. I doubt that anyone who knew the history of this route is responsible, and therefore I wonder what led said person to make the effort to bother (sort belay, abb down etc) to chop down such unobtrusive trees. There are other trees far more in need of removal such as the area around the large boulder beneath narcissus (home to turd burglar/my orange) which is always green and covered in lichen.

Sorry to rant on so much, but this action has in my eyes lowered the actriveness of this route (death or siderunners), and it will therefore get dirtier and less attempted, which is a shame as i'd rate it as one of the best hard routes I've done.

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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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