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Topic - Lost on the Hills- Confession -Blog post

I wasnít going to tell you about this but, after giving the matter some thought, I decided that, in the interests of honesty and blogging honour I should come clean and confess. Iím not someone who frequently makes many mistakes. Especially when Iím on the hills, I am pretty well prepared and normally get where Iím going and arrive roughly when I thought I would. Not so last Tuesday. Often though, when I do make mistakes however, they are whoppers. On Tuesday my brain had a serious malfunction and I combined a serious number of mistakes to turn my day into complete foul up.

I had decided to spend the night in Bearness Bothy, just south of Loch Carron. The day was cold and still as I pulled up beside the small group of houses huddled on the hillside just at the start of the track into the bothy. The temperature gauge in my car read minus seven and, as I pulled on my plastic boots, the grass and trees sparkled in the low sun with hoar frost. I could feel the cold seeping into my body even as I hauled my overweight sack onto my back. I was carrying in a supply of coal as it seemed pretty clear that the night would be a cold one and a bothy can be pretty grim if there isnít enough wood about for a decent fire.

Trudging away up the track I tied to recall when Iíd last carried such a heavy pack and decided it must have been a very, very long time ago, Perhaps on Mount Kenya. The first problem I encountered was that the track near the houses didnít go where the map said it did.

Read More here http://johndburns.wordpress.com/2012/12/16/lost-on-the-hills-a-confession/
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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