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tomsmartacus - on 18 Dec 2012
Hello all,

I have been offered a job in New Zealand in Wanganui and was wondering if anyone knew of any climbing there. If there isn't it may make me think twice about moving!

some_fulla_ant on 19 Dec 2012
In reply to tomsmartacus: Nothing in Wanganui that I'm aware of, though you're 2hrs from Mt Ruapehu (some rock climbing, plus skiing and snow/ice/mixed stuff in winter if conditions are good) and 2hrs from Mt Taranaki (some little-climbed rock routes plus some winter options, again condition-dependent).

Not a hotbed for climbing unless I'm sorely mistaken...
turtlespit - on 19 Dec 2012
In reply to tomsmartacus: a general comment about climbing in New Zealand - most Kiwis I've spoken to say the climbing isn't that great (joke is that Mt Arapiles in Australia is NZ's best crag). Though the mountaineering is supposed to be excellent.
Rampikino - on 19 Dec 2012
In reply to tomsmartacus:

Ignore anyone who says that there is no climbing in New Zealand - there is a lot more than you may think and it is steadily developing.

Have a look at www.freeclimb.co.nz

Central North Island has a fair amount.

Good luck.
davo - on 19 Dec 2012
In reply to tomsmartacus:


What kind of climbing are you interested in?

I lived in NZ for a few years and it would be fair to say Wanganui is not ideally placed for climbing. Great surfing area though.

As has been said Ruapehu would be a few hours - some trad, some recently developed sport at a cliff called White Falls (I think).

Wellington and the bouldering at Baring Head and Turakirae would be afew hours. Some of this stuff is pretty good.

There is a lot of sport climbing in the central north island in the Wharepapa region but this would be almost 4 hours. Some of it is pretty good though, but is on ignimbrite which is in general very sharp pockets. Mangaokewa may be a bit closer and is limestone.

The winter stuff on Ruapehu is okay and I did a bit but it is not great.

The south island is only a short flight away and there is tons of mountaineering down there. Paynes Ford is in the north of the south isalnd and could be doable for a week trip from Wanganui (probably about 6 - 8hrs travel ish)

Check out the websites listed earlier. This forum could also be useful to post on: http://climber.co.nz/discuss

Overall I guess it depends what you are into...

Cheers Dave
KiwiPrincess - on 20 Dec 2012
In reply to davo:

Taranaki has an alpine club branch you could contact.
There is summer rock there but will be covered in Snow at Winter. It looks Amazing in the photo's I've seen. They have an affordable on Mountain lodge as well Which would be great for weekend trips.

There was an article on Eiger wall in Climber issue 45, spring 2003
Andesite columns up to 50m, trad about 8 recommended climbs

Alpine club do a taranaki guidebook

glaramara - on 23 Dec 2012
In reply to tomsmartacus: The climbing out here is fine just a lot more spread out than the UK. It is also far dryer than the UK, at least out here in the east it is. One thing i'm struggling with is the summer heat though, scorching and will shut u down. U can work around it but seriously hot. That being said I've moved here straight from Fort William....

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