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Philip on 02 Jan 2013
There are endless threads on this on other forums. But how long should you spend trying to make a decision like this before flipping a coin and getting one. I'm torn between 2nd hand 60D for 450 (or grey import, same price) and a new 650D for about the same price. I'm switching from a 400D. I've ruled out the 7D.

Not made much better when a colleague suggests whichever I get, I should get the kit with the 18-135 IS lens and sell my 17-85 IS which is only a year old.
Max Harms on 02 Jan 2013
In reply to Philip: i'd wait theres a big expo coming soon this month apprently and one of these should be relased:


anyway it just depends on how much video you want to shoot, if its mainly stills go for the 60D but if you want to shoot video go for the 650D.

what ever you do though keep the 17-85.

i was in this postition last year choosing between those 2 and the 7D, in the end i went for a 2nd hand 7D.

Philip on 02 Jan 2013
I'm put off the 7D by a colleague, they had a 7D that was soft and found it a common problem (fixed now by local canon service centre). Another colleague just switched 350D to 60D avoiding 7D for that reason.

I know about the Canon rumours site, I expect the 70D to come and it will at least bring the 650D's use of STM lenses and touch screen, but it will be 1000 at release. I doubt it will lower the price of the 60D any more - stock is low already. A new one is 570 and 50 cashback.

What might make me wait is if there is also a 700D with the features of the 650D + a newer sensor.
Hannes on 02 Jan 2013
In reply to Philip: The 7D is built like a tank and doesn't have many issues really. If it is the same colleague that says you should not take the 7D and that you should replace your 17-85 for a 18-135 you should not listen to him as frankly he doesn't know what he is talking about. The only logical upgrades for you lens wise in longer focal range would be the 15-85 or possibly the 24-105L though it lacks proper wide.

To me there isn't enough difference between the 60D and 650D to justify the price difference, the 40D vs 400D it did however. Have you actually had a fondle of both cameras? The 60D is undoubtedly a better camera but not by a massive amount.
Philip on 02 Jan 2013
Two colleagues - one bought the 7D and shoots semi pro. He had the focus issue. The other, avoided the 7D because of this.

The recommendation wasn't to switch the 17-85, but to consider the kit option and sell either the 18-135 or the 17-85 depending on which I want to keep. When I searched for the comparison the 18-135 was reported as having the same quality as the 17-85 over that range and wider aperture and 1 more stop IS compensation. The 2nd hand value of my 17-85mm would cover the difference in the kit price vs body only (I think). Maybe this isn't the case.

Thanks for the advice. I'm still going to avoid the 7D (on price) but I won't worry about the 18-135 lens.

As I have no need for video, I'll probably go for the 60D as it looks better built. I never liked the small size of my 400D, I preferred the size of my old 500N. I also like the LCD screen on top, even after 6 years I still find reading the settings when on Tv/Av/M/P awkward.

I'm going to have a play with the one my colleague bought later this week.
badwabbit on 03 Jan 2013
The 60D is further up the range and see will feel a bit nicer in the hands, but the 650D is a more recent model and has a slightly better sensor in it, and some better videography features.

Either one will get you great pics and be a good step up from the 400D, so pick whatever you like the feel of and can afford - unless you have very particular needs, either one will serve you fine.

The 17-85 is not a particularly well regarded lens but if you are happy for it there's no reason to change at least for now.

I shoot a 7D - while small percentages of cameras have calibration issues (not just the 7D, any camera), the 7D gets a bad rap for being "soft" for a number of reasons, only one of which is a small (tiny) amount of cameras that are not quite working right. All the rest are user errors and not understanding the camera... but maybe that's another topic... ;)
Dave B on 03 Jan 2013
In reply to Philip:

There was an issue on the 7D where the focusing technology was at a slightly incorrect distance from the lens compared to the sensor on some early models. Its an easy fix by a service centre.

I have one and its fine. Its a fantastic camera if you can't/don't want to go full frame.

The 7D is a lot more money though.
Philip on 03 Jan 2013

> The 7D is a lot more money though.

Not really, one of the reps that visits our lab bought his for 750 new and the same vendor has them for 670 now.

It's not really an issue of cost. No one really buy "what they can afford", you buy what you're going to get value for money for. It's a hobby that occupies a small amount of my time. I'm just not happy with the pictures from my 400D and want something better.

The 7D is a red herring. I don't want one, and a few 600/650 vs 60 threads have gone sideways when someone suggests the 7D.
Skyfall - on 03 Jan 2013
In reply to Philip:

I got a 60D early last year and really like it; no regrets. Looked across the range even to full frame and went for what we best for the type of photography I do (not videos and not sports). The 650D and 7D are both more oriented in other directions. Sure, in theory the 650D can do most of what the 60D and more, but it isn't as robust or handle as well. The 60D is a big step up from the 400D (my old dSLR) and I think it does have a niche, even if Canon have managed to confuse certain issues. As always said, I have found that lenses have had more of a impact on quality of my photographs than anything else (plus my lack of time/skill of course).
Philip on 03 Jan 2013
In reply to Skyfall:

Thanks. I'm going to play with a 60D tomorrow morning and then hopefully swap my 400D for a 2nd hand 60D in the afternoon.

I've been offered 220 for 400d+grip+5 batteries+2 CF cards and 18-55, 28-80 and 75-300 lenses (all USM but not IS). Which will clear some cupboard space for some primes!
due - on 03 Jan 2013
In reply to Philip:

Definitely 60D. Amazon were doing them new for 570 the other day. 2 dials, a top LCD, and chunkier body are worth every extra penny. I still use a 40D for these reasons, and had never really been tempted by a new APS-C body until I had a go on the 60D.

FWIW my 17-85 IS was unusably bad at the wide angle, it went off to Canon twice. The 18-135 kit deal is very impressive for the money.

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