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Topic - Food, Water, & a Food Dehydrator

readysalted - on 03 Jan 2013
Probably in the wrong area of the forum but not really sure where I should stick this.

When out camping one of my biggest gripes is having to carry heavy food.

I'm in the military and always have a surplus of military ORP (rations), which I usually take on trips, or supplement with bacon, rolls, etc. But unfortunately they actually weight quite alot for what they are. Because of the fact I have an abundance of army rations, I wouldn't dream of spending almost 5 quid on a similar camping meal, made by one of the several companies which offer them.

Taking my own fresh stuff is of course an option, and sachet's of porridge oats are a staple, as is bacon, and bread, but I've decided that this is something that needs to be looked into to try and cut down on bulk and weight.

I've heard in the past of people making meals and dehydrating them, sealing them in airtight bags, and then adding boiling water to eat when on the hills. I've not really looked into this myself, but if anybody knows of this, I'd be interested to hear about it.

Alternatively, if you simply have ideas of decent nutricious foods to take, or ideas for specific meals I would be interested.

Pasta, or Rice are pretty obvious choices, as all they need is water and they are light and not bulky, but the main attraction, is their true carbohydrate value. I'm very much put off by pot noodles, and super noodles etc. Because of the lack of real nutrition that's contained within them, and all the additives and sodium etc. that they have. Not that I am by any means a health junkie, but when you're on the hills, if you have bad food then you don't notice it at 10am when you've packed your camp away and start walking, but at mid day when you're suffering half way up the second hill, wondering why you have no energy left.

Anyways, I'm keen to know what you guys do.

Provisionally I'd be thinking for a typical one nighter (2 days on the hills):
Day 1:
Breakfast - Home
Lunch - Typical Packed Lunch
Dinner - Boiled Rice & Pre-Cooked Chicken Peices with tabasco sauce
Day 2:
Breakfast - Porridge & Chocolate (perhaps a scoop of whey protien or bacon roll)
Lunch - Bacon rolls, Flap Jacks, Chocolate & Nuts
Dinner - Home

How could that be improved?

One final question,
How do you guys deal with water on a short trip. Naturally washing water comes froms from a natural source on the ground but even still, carrying 4 litres of drinking/ cooking water is a pretty hefty weight and takes up alot of room. I have a katadyn water bottle, which filter water, but the drinking rate on it is extremely slow, and I don't think pushing all the cooking and drinking water through the filter would be a particularly good idea so not sure how people tackle this problem?
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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