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Philip on 03 Jan 2013
Just found out the sensor has a fault on my wife's Canon SX210IS. I want to find a replacement while sales are still on. A repair is the same price as the new SX240IS.

She doesn't care for many features, she want to point and shoot. Quick start up and low shutter lag would be great. Intelligent portrait, landscape and macro would be good. Stabilization and a good optical zoom. Must be small (rectangular not slr-like shape). The SX210IS has been too complicated, so something really intuitive.

Manual modes are necessary.

Last time she had Canon simply because I have always owned Canon slrs. I can get a Samsung WB150 for 99 from Amazon. Any views on this? I'd like to order something tonight to surprise her for the weekend.
Blue Straggler - on 04 Jan 2013
In reply to Philip:

No idea about the camera but that model is also 99 in Tesco and Jessops if that helps at all re: getting it in time for the weekend.

I had a quick look online for reviews and for some reason, a lot of the "serious" review sites don't run a review of the WB150 but they DO review the WB150F, the Wi-Fi version. I don't know if there are other differences between the models, but the WB150F is 119 at Currys.
Read the review on pocketlint (I have not, but I find them a straightforward and believable review site)

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.