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Topic - Copyright & Privacy

m0unt41n on 21 Jan 2013
Not sure if there are any rules on this, but if there are I am sure someone in UKC will know.

If a member of a group on a holiday, or expedition or walk takes videos with a DSLR (ie doesnt immediately looks like they are videoing rather just taking photos) of some of the group and puts it on YouTube I assume that is OK or do they have to get permission of those photographed first?

Then the interesting bit, if at the same time sound is recorded, so that conversations and comments of people near the photographer, but not necessarily being photographed, are recorded, and this is also on YouTube since the video has sound, do they have to give their permission? Particularly since they may not even know they are being recorded.

It feels odd because if someone wandered around with a tape recorder recording what people said and then put it on the web you would think they would have to ask permission first.

Anyhow are there any rules / law about this?

It only arose because of a video that someone posted that they apparently took during a trip I was on. There was nothing sensitive or rude said and no issue in this specific case, but it got me thinking about the general case with cameras no able to do full video and sound but still look like point and shoot.


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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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