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Mr Winkleberry - on 21 Jan 2013
I am a youth worker delivering sport across somerset and have just manage to get the boss to authorize me to deliver slacklining sessions.
For obvious reasons i wont always have appropriate trees to use as anchors so was just wondering if people had used the screw-in ground anchors and A frames, if so how effective they have been and also somewhere to buy them at a reasonable price. (as i don't have the money in my delivery budget to buy two @ 50+ each...)
at the moment i have a gibbon classic 25m and would just like some feedback on the anchors?

cheers all
In reply to Mr Winkleberry:

I should really be recommending that you visit our shop and buy some from us... But since you've mentioned you're on a budget, check out somewhere like Machine Mart for ground anchors. I've seen that they have a similar thing pretty cheap. You'd have to check what they were rated to, but the concept is pretty much the same.

Make sure you have a steel bar about 1m long to place/remove them.

Not sure about A-frames though, I think it would be possible to make some similar to the ones from Slackline Tools.

Hope this helps!
Mr Winkleberry - on 22 Jan 2013
In reply to Boulders@Cardiff:
Will have a look at your shop bud, was planning on making my own A-frames.

many thanks
krikoman - on 22 Jan 2013
In reply to Mr Winkleberry: I got some of these (in 2009)

GA48 48" Ground Anchor Screw in type 22.00

From here http://www.forgetec4x4.co.uk/winchingequipment.html

but they are no good in our garden,we're on clay with rock about 6" underneath so I can't get them in deep enough.

Used elsewhere OK but hard work to turn in and remove.
Scott_vzr on 22 Jan 2013
In reply to Mr Winkleberry: You really need tripods for stability but a steel bar connecting them and to stop compression so the slackline is freestanding, bit like a frame for a hammock.
In reply to Mr Winkleberry:

These are the Slackline Tools ones I've used these before: https://www.slackline-tools.com/products/height-adjustment-stands/details/produkte/boecke/backPID/ho...

And the design seems solid and they'd be simple to make.
krikoman - on 24 Jan 2013
In reply to Boulders@Cardiff: 250+ !!!

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