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Howard1 - on 22 Jan 2013
Need a bit of advice for one of the guys at work about a tendon injury.

Six weeks ago he was getting up off the floor and managed to separate his tendon from the bone, as I understand its called mallet finger. Anyway he went to A and E and had it strapped and has gone back for all the relevant appointments.

On his last appointment the doc was happy how he had recovered as his finger flexed well and was straight. However now, a week on, it has swollen and drooped slightly. We both use our hands as a job so I'm assuming the swelling is to be expected. But my question is are there any exercises that he can do to assist in his recovery? The doc said he wouldn't need any but he feels it will help his recovery.

Thanks for any help
luke obrien - on 27 Jan 2013
In reply to Howard1: bit of a cop out bit I wouldn't want to advise when he should really be getting re-had advice from the 'experts'. If they are being crap and not giving any there are tonnes of threads on finger recovery from tendon injuries, but I think they are usually from minor pulley injuries. They usually have a phase of anti inflammatory drugs icing (see McLeod video), when swelling and pain has largely gone gentle gripping (there are putties and the like that are meant to be good, I just used a cheap sponge stress ball) and motion to increase blood flow and strengthen the recovering tendon, but nothing that causes pain. Hope he manages to get advice from his consultant, or if he is not getting it, he manages to pester it out of them....
DancingOnRock - on 27 Jan 2013
If it's drooped he needs to go back and get it strapped up again.

I stretched mine and it took about 10weeks to recover. They said it could have taken longer. It's still not properly fixed, aches sometimes. They did say it's best to completely detach it though. If it's drooped it sounds like it's come away again.

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