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Topic - One week til lift off?

Gordon - on 24 Jan 2013

From what I've seen with my own eyes on the hill, read on other peoples blogs, and has been put on SAIS and MWIS over the last week, it seems that:

1. Ice has built readily but it's been too cold and dry for too long so has stopped building as fast.
2. Lots of snow has been blown around but it needs to settle a bit.
3. We need a bit of water running before the next big freeze comes along.
4. The snow has mainly been dumped on W through to N/NE aspects because of the strong E/SE winds.

Does this mean that MWIS Outlook of:

"Atlantic southwesterlies from the weekend for at least a week will bring long bouts of upland gales; often severe or storm
force particularly across Scotland.
Freezing level will vary with freeze thaw cycles, although only rarely will higher Scottish summits reach freezing point.
Precipitation will be frequent and often heavy, mostly rain on lower areas, whilst mostly snow on higher summits. Total
precipitation will be considerable on western mountains, with western Scotland bearing the brunt."

could sort out all our wishes in one go!?!?!

1. Ice will continue to form as it is fed from rainfall/snowmelt.
2. Rainfall and freeze thaw cycles will settle the snowpack.
3. There will be more water running in the hills generally.
4. With strong W/SW winds, new snow will be dumped on NE through to SE aspects, covering what is kinda bare at the moment.

All in all, it looks like the hills could be well ripe for winter action of all sorts after the next stormy week or so!!!

Discuss. At length if needed!!
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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